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Engage students in computational thinking by teaching to code their own games and physical inventions. This collection of 10 Code Kits includes 100+ Activities and 10 Lessons.

160 Bits and 250 Accessories

Grades 3+

Engage 20-30 Students per Bundle

SKU: 670-0060

What your students' will learn:

Hands On 

Hands-on learning through tinkering with inputs, outputs, sensors, and motors to gain tech literacy.


Application of fundamental concepts such as circuitry, engineering, physics, art, and design thinking.

21st Century Skills

Creative confidence and critical 21st century skills through scaffolded activities.


Introspection and self-expression opportunities through invention-journey reflection exercises.

Code Kit App

The littleBits Code Kit app allows kids to experiment with code in an easy-to-use block-based coding environment. See lessons

littleBits Classroom

Easily and immediately incorporate lesson plans, video tutorials, and student handouts in your classes. Classroom resources

Lessons Aligned to National Standards

All lessons in the Code Kit are aligned to NGSS, Common Core, TX-TEKS, FL-CPALMS, NY-NYSED, CA-CCSS standards. Code Kit Curricular Crosswalk