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Teachers, Students, and Hobbyist find the Emblaser an excellent value for the investment in laser cutting and engraving.  Why buy an expensive laser cutter for the classroom that comes with high maintenance fees and costly replacement parts?  For the price of one high-end laser cutter, you can buy 10 Emblaser units!  The more units you have the more access you provide to students.  We find laser cutting and engraving inspires 2D & 3D design and opens up interest in machine control, including CNC technology, for students.  It's the perfect fit for the STEM classroom, makerspace or any tech shop.  

Customer's tell us it's the perfect combination of ease-of-use, power and price.  The best part, replacement parts are affordable and easily replaced on the unit by the end user - no need for a technician!

The Emblaser 2 can cut, mark or engrave on the following materials:

  • cloth
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • leather
  • wood
  • plastics
  • and much more...

Safety Features

  • Class 1 out of 6 laser (6 being most harmful)
  • Includes Rear filter vent.
  • Optional air filtration available for purchase.
  • Certified for USA & Canada with cULus certification.

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Commonly Used Materials

Emblaser Technical Specifications
Dimensions 540mm x 720mm x 200mm (21.25″ x 28.35″ x 7.8″)
Material Capacity 500mm x 300mm x 50mm (19.66″ x 11.81″ x 1.97″)
Optics – Focus Factory pre-focused
Laser Unit Type Laser Diode — 5+ watts
Classification Class 1 — The safest laser device rating available.
Cooling Air-cooled — No water pump required
Hardware • 3D Cutting & Engraving, fully software controlled • Air-Assist System installed • Camera for material alignment
Connectivity Wifi & USB
Fume Extraction Built-in fan and external hose
Lighting Internal Workspace
Software LightBurn (PC/Mac)
Warranty • 1-Year Limited Warranty • 6-Month Warranty on Laser Diode