Glowforge Pro with Free Shipping
FREE SHIPPING with iDESIGN.As part of your order, you will also receive the following:$75 of Premium Proofgrade MaterialsGlowforge Accessory KitUnlimited printing power with endless possibilities. The Glowforge Pro is the ultimate option for home, business, or school. It prints truly enormous object..
Glowforge Plus with Free Shipping
FREE SHIPPING with iDESIGN.As part of your order, you will also receive: $75 of Premium Proofgrade MaterialsGlowforge Accessory KitThe premium printing experience. The Glowforge Plus has the power to bring your vision to life at the speed of light. The Plus offers upgraded components and a top engra..
Glowforge Air Filter (145375)
The Glowforge Air Filter lets you use your Glowforge anywhere in the home, school, or office. The unit is the size of a recycle bin. It cleans the air coming out of your Glowforge. If you don’t use an Air Filter, your Glowforge comes with a hose to vent through a window.Click here for Filter User Ma..
Emblaser 2 Laser Cutter/Engraver (29789) with Free Shipping
Teachers, Students, and Hobbyist find the Emblaser an excellent value for the investment in laser cutting and engraving.  Why buy an expensive laser cutter for the classroom that comes with high maintenance fees and costly replacement parts?  For the price of one high-end laser cutter, you..
Fume Filter replacement for Emblaser 2 Fume Filtration unit (29803)
Replacement activated carbon / HEPA filter cartridge and replacement pre-filter for Fume Filtration System for the Emblaser 2 laser cutter / engraver.1 Filter ships with the Emblaser Fume Filtration System.This filter works with this unit:..
Emblaser 2 Laser Diode (30237)
Replacement Diode Module for Emblaser 2This is a replacement second generation (Gen2) Diode Module for the Emblaser 2.The Gen2 module provides improved cooling efficiency for the diode resulting in better cutting results.This is a simple item to replace. Full details can be found in the Emblaser 2 U..
Cutting Mat Set-4pk Emblaser 2 (30244)
CUTTING MATSSpecially designed for laser cutting, these mats help reduce the underside marring of materials as well as protect your Emblaser’s base plate. The cutting mats are made from a resilient silicon compound which will not be penetrated by the laser. They are also machine washable. The mats a..
E2 Maintenance Kit, Emblaser 2 (30251)
Emblaser 2 Maintenance KitThe Emblaser 2 requires very little ongoing maintenance, but like any equipment, over time parts can wear.This maintenance kit contains the all the parts needed to give your Emblaser 2 a major service and keep it running in tip-top condition.Contains:1 x Silicone Aperture N..
Focusing Lens, Emblaser 2 (30258)
Replacement Emblaser 2 Quartz Focus LensThis is the main focusing lens used in the Emblaser 2. This new version is made from one solid piece of quartz, making is much tougher than the original two piece glass version. It is less susceptible to burn damage or scratches.Contains:New one piece Quartz f..
Clean/Tool Kit-Emblaser2 (32386)
Tool / Lens cleaning kit for Emblaser 2Keeping your Emblaser 2 well maintained and the lens clean insures the best possible performance.Includes:1 x Lens Removal Tool4 x Zeiss Lens wipes1 x Lens Tissue Booklet5 x Calibration Cards1 x 1.5mm Hex Tool1 x 2.0mm Hex Tool1 x 2.5mm Hex Tool1 x Superlube sa..
F2000 External Fume Filtration system for Emblaser 2 Laser Cutter/Etcher (32421)
If you don't have access to a duct that runs outside or a window to exhaust the fumes from the Emblaser laser cutter, then we recommend this external fume filtration system for the Emblaser 2 Laser Cutter/Etcher.Key Features1. Metal body construction. Strong and durable.2. Noise reduction design for..
Fume Filter replacement for Emblaser 2 FUME FILTRATION F2000 (32428)
This product is the Fume Filter replacement for the Emblaser 2 FUME FILTRATION F2000 unit...
Emblaser Lens Unit V2 (37839)
The Lens Unit is the component containing the optical elements to focus your laser beam.This is the revised Lens Unit included in Emblaser2 Rev.2 & Core machines. It is fully compatible for Emblaser2 Rev.1 machines and is a recommended upgrade.The revised design significantly simplifies the lens..
Emblaser Laser Unit – E2/Core - Complete (37979)
Emblaser 2 / Emblaser Core Laser UnitThis is the complete laser unit for the Emblaser 2 & Emblaser Core.This unit includes, diode module, lens assembly, cooling fan, heatsink and associated components...
Stripheaters for Bending Acrylic - EMX-2
Stripheater - EMX-2 - FREE SHIPPING - Call 1-877-730-4770 or email for pricing on 2 or more units.Fully Equipped with: 1.Thermostat-controlled low/high setting 2.On/Off switch 3.Pilot light 4.Cord winding bracket 5.Very sturdy sheet metal construction and baked enamel paint.This..
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