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The V5 Classroom Starter Kit is a STEM robotics classroom and competition starter solution for grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and beyond. The V5 is the next generation of robot control featuring a new robot brain with a 4.25" screen that is both touch screen and in color.  In addition, the V5 kits includes updated powerful smart motors with built in encoders and interchangeable gear boxes, updated sensors and more options to take your STEM & coding program further. The classroom starter kit is made for classroom use and one kit works well in 2:1 student:robot ratio. The kit is scalable, which means you can add-on any components, additional motors, metal, aluminum and pneumatics to build on your program as students push their robot design further.

V5 kits are made of a combination of metal and plastic parts that are fastened with screws, nuts and bolts. There is no need for expensive tools to put together a VEX robot.  They're intended to be used in any classroom, not necessarily a shop class.  The V5 robot builds can be programmed or driven using the included handheld controller.  The handheld controller makes VEX fun and engages students immediately. 


  • Over 200 Components, 25 motion components, including; 4 smart motors, robot brain, 2 bumper switch sensors, VEX Claw, Omni & regular 4" Wheels
  • FREE Online Curriculum included
  • FREE Build Instructions to help you get started with building your first VEX Clawbot.
  • FREE VEXcode Coding software (Blocks and Text) WIN, MAC, Chromebooks (MSI for IT deployment also available).
  • Ability to enter competitions at your school, school district, community or college, university and Skills USA and Canada events

Check the build instructions for the VEX Clawbot here: V5 Clawbot-Build Instructions


  • For 2-3 students
  • 276-7010 replaces 276-6500
  • Kit Contains: 1 each of 276-7000 and 276-7001
Kit Contents
Electronics V5 Electronics: •(1) V5 Robot Brain •(1) V5 Controller •(1) V5 Robot Radio •(1) V5 Robot Battery Li-Ion 1100mAh •(1) V5 Robot Battery Cable •(1) V5 Robot Battery Charger •(4) V5 Smart Motors •(2) Bumper Switch v2 V5 Smart Cables: •(3) 300mm Smart Cables •(1) 600mm Smart Cable •(1) 900mm Smart Cable Charging Cable: •(1) USB A to Micro Cable
Motion Wheels: •(2) 4" Omni Wheels •(2) 4" Wheels Shafts: •(2) 2" Shafts •(2) 3" Shafts •(1) 3.5" Shaft •(3) 4" Shafts High Strength Gears & Inserts: •(1) 12T Metal Pinion •(1) 12T Metal Pinion Insert •(1) 84T High Strength Spur Gear •(10) High Strength Gear Shaft Inserts Other Motion Components: •(1) V5 Claw Assembly
Structure Nuts & Connectors: •(30) #8-32 Hex Nut •(15) 1-Post Hex Nut Retainer w/ Flat Bearing •(5) 1-Post Hex Nut Retainer •(7) 4-Post Hex Nut Retainer Shaft Hardware: •(5) Flat Bearing •(23) Rubber Shaft Collar •(6) 0x2 Connector Pin •(8) 1/8" Nylon Spacer •(4) 3/8" Nylon Spacer •(3) 1/2" Nylon Spacer •(2) 7/8" Nylon Spacer Screws: •(30) #8-32 x 3/8" Star Drive Screw •(2) #8-32 x 1.000" Star Drive Screw •(4) #8-32 x 1/2" Locking Star Drive Screw •(4) #8-32 x 1.500" Locking Star Drive Screw Steel Structure: •(3) 2x2x2x20 Steel U-Channels •(2) 1x2x1x15 Steel C-Channels •(2) 1x2x1x25 Steel C-Channels •(2) 2x2x14x20 Steel Angles