BEST Control System Kit (270-1605)
The official control system kit for the BEST Robotics Competition.Control Components:•(1) Cortex Microcontroller•(1) VEXnet Joystick•(2) VEXnet Key 2.0Note: The first generation VEXnet USB Adapter key and the new VEXnet Key 2.0 are both legal for use in the BEST Robotics Competition.Motion Component..
BEST Servo Kit (270-1682)
The official servo kit for the BEST Robotics Competition:•(4) Servos•(4) Servo Horn Screws•(4) Large Round Servo Horns•(8) 4-Arm Servo Horns•(4) 6-Arm Servo Horns•(2) 24" Servo Extension Wires•(2) 36" Servo Extension Wires•(16) Rubber Grommets•(16) Brass Spacers•(16) Servo Mounting ScrewsNote: This ..
BEST Returnable Kit (270-1684)
The official BEST Robotics Competition Returnable kit that includes: •(1) BEST Control System Kit•(1) BEST Servo Kit•(1) BEST Motion Components..
Futaba Servo Horn (4-pack) (270-1813)
A 4-pack of Type D Futaba Servo Horns.•3/4" diameter•Predrilled holesNote: This product is not legal for use in the VEX Robotics Competition...
BEST Motion Components (270-4395)
The official motion components kit for the BEST Robotics Competition. This kit contains a number of pulleys, belts and hardware needed to build a successful BEST robot. Note: This product is not legal for use in the VEX Robotics Competition...
BEST Motor Mounts (276-1594)
These brackets are specifically designed to mount the BEST Robotics motors.•Made from 0.090" thick 5052 H34 aluminum.•Mounting plates will come flat, but are designed to be easily bent.•Notches at the edge of each bend-line provide an easy reference when clamping the part.Note: This product is not l..
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