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Price discounted 25% off for a limited time (Price displayed already discounted). Print Carbon Fiber + the full range of engineering composites and polymers with a 110°C heated chamber.

MakerBot Method X Carbon Fiber Edition

Print carbon fiber reinforced nylon and other engineering-grade composite parts with three dimensional strength and accuracy like never before on METHOD’s unique industrial desktop platform.

Strong, Heat-Resistant Metal Replacement Parts

  • Carbon fiber reinforced nylon is optimized for high strength, stiffness, and heat resistance making it ideal for structural applications and metal replacements. 
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio - 110 MPa TS - for lightweighting applications such as robotic end effectors
  • Engineering-grade stiffness - 7600 MPa Tensile Modulus - for structural applications such as vehicular brackets and inspection gauges
  • High heat resistance under load - 184°C HDT - for optimal under-hood and tooling applications

Superior Nylon Carbon Fiber Parts with METHOD

  • METHOD’s unique industrial feature set produces carbon fiber parts with superior three dimensional strength and accuracy
  • METHOD’s Heated Chamber delivers parts that are strong and accurate.
  • Outstanding surface finish that hides layer lines thanks to METHOD’s Ultra-Rigid Metal Frame.
  • Print the most complex geometries including internal cavities with soluble support, or use breakaway support for faster print times.
  • METHOD’s sealed filament bays help keep the material dry, resulting in better print quality and reliability, and METHOD’s pre-print spool drying feature allows for the recovery of oversaturated filament.


Extruder Compatibility

  • Model Material Extruders
  • Compsite Extruder 1C (included)
  • Model 1*
  • Model 1XA*
  • MB Labs Experimental Extruder*

Support Material Extruders

  • Support 2 (included)
  • Support 2XA (included)

*sold separately

Model and Support Material Compatibility

  • Model Material
  • Nylon Carbon Fiber
  • ABS
  • PC-ABS and PC-ABS Fire Retardant
  • PLA
  • Tough
  • PET-G
  • Nylon

Open materials**

Support Material

  • SR-30
  • PVA

**requires MB Labs Experimental Extruder

Method Specs:

Print Technology

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Print Heads


Dimensional Accuracy

± 0.2 mm1

Layer Resolution

Range: 20 - 400 microns

Build Speed

Up to 2x faster than desktop 3D printers2

Max Material Flow Rate: ~50 mm3 per sec

Print Head Travel Speed: Up to 500 mm per sec

Print modes tuned and optimized for:

100 microns - High Quality Print Mode (Coming Soon)

200 microns - Balanced Print Mode

Maximum Build Volume

19 L x 19 W x 19.6 H cm / 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.75 in single extrusion (print settings coming soon)

15.2 L x 19 W x 19.6 H cm / 6.0 x 7.5 x 7.75 in dual extrusion


  • 1 MakerBot METHOD X 3D Printer
  • 1 Spring Steel Build Plate
  • 1 Composite Extruder
  • 1 Performance Extruder 2XA Support
  • 1 Performance Extruder 2 Support 
  • 1 Nozzle Brush
  • 1 Hex Key
  • 1 USB A-to-B Cable
  • 1 US Power Cord
  • 1 EU Power Cord

Please note: MakerBot materials sold separately.