Cell/Perf Board, Afinia H479 (22285)
Replacement cell/perf board for Afinia H479 3D printer ..
Nozzle 0.4-6corners,Afinia 3d (22299)
Replacement nozzle for extruder of the Afinia H-series 3D Printer ..
Borofloat Glass Platform, 140x140mm, H479-H480 (23615)
"Borofloat Glass Platform, 140x140mm, H479-H480"..
Borofloat Glass Platform, 140x140mm, H479-H480, 3-Pack (23671)
"Borofloat Glass Platform, 140x140mm, H479-H480, 3-Pack"..
BuildTak, H479-H480 platform surfaces-3pk (23727)
BuildTak is a proprietary, patent-pending composition that provides a stable 3D print surface for ..
Cell/ Perf board for Afinia H480 3D Printer (24644)
"Cell/Perf Board, Afinia H480"..
Nozzle , H480-02 - H800(+) - H400 (25421)
"Nozzle , H480-02 - H800(+) - H400"..
Borofloat Glass Platform, 275x215mm, H800(+) (25470)
"Borofloat Glass Platform, 275x215mm, H800(+)"..
BuildTak, H800(+) platform surfaces-3pk (25568)
"BuildTak, H800(+) platform surfaces-3pk"..
PERF-H800 (25596)
Replacement cell/perf board for the Afinia H800 and H800+ models...
HEPA-H800 (25603)
"Air Filter, Afinia H400, H800(+),HEPA 7"..
Makers Empire classroom software, School 12-month license (27479)
"Makers Empire classroom software, School 12-month license"..
Flex Board, Afinia H400 (27696)
"Flex Board, Afinia H400"..
BuildTak, H400 platform surfaces-3pk (27829)
"BuildTak, H400 platform surfaces-3pk"..
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