Camera (FPV) Kit for CoDrone and Petrone
Transform your CoDrone or Petrone into a flying camera! Live stream video from the camera  onto..
CoDrone Battery
Need an extra battery? Tired of constantly charging and stopping your CoDrone? This is the offi..
CoDrone Lite
Meet CoDrone Lite. It's the same drone as CoDrone, just lighter.  As in, without the buildable ..
CoDrone Lite Classroom Set
Get a discount on a set of 12 CoDrone Lites, suitable for a classroom of 10 students for a 1 to 1 dr..
CoDrone Power Pack
Keep your CoDrone powered up! The CoDrone Power Pack includes 1 Multi-Charger and 2 Lipo Batteries f..
CoDrone Pro
Meet CoDrone Pro, the first ever programmable drone that was designed to teach you programming. It d..
CoDrone Pro Classroom Set
Get a discount on a set of 10 CoDrones, suitable for a classroom of 10 students for a 1 to 1 drone:s..
CoDrone Propellers
A fresh new set of black CoDrone propellers. Replace your old, damaged propellers to make sure your ..
Drive Kit for CoDrone
Transform your CoDrone or Petrone into a remote controlled car!The Drive Kit comes with a set of sle..
Parrot Mambo Classroom Starter Pack (6 Drones)
Mambo Classroom Set includes:6 Parrot Mambo Drones6 HD Batteries24 Hulls (4 per drone)6 Clips6 ..
Parrot Drone Competition - Advanced Pack (8 Drones)
Parrot Drone Competition - Advanced Pack (8 Drones) includes:6 Parrot Mambo FPV Drones6 HD Batt..
Mambo Bebop Drone Curriculum
Drone Curriculum includes 9 units:Unit 1: Engineering Design & DocumentationUnit 2: Safety Consi..
FTW Pilot Certification Training Course
FTW Pilot Certification Training Course:1: Pathway to Certification2: Drone Theory & Aeronautica..
Parrot Drone Competition Field
Parrot Drone Competition Field Setup - Apply what your students learned in the Parrot..
Mambo FPV
Start small by going big! Discover the universe of drones by immersing yourself into an FPV flight e..
Mambo Propellers
Mambo Propellers..
Mambo Spare Motor
Mambo Spare Motor..
Mambo Power Battery
Mambo Power Battery..
Mambo Power Pack - Multi Charger
Mambo Power Pack - Multi Charger..
Mambo Replacement Grabber
Mambo Replacement Grabber..
Mambo Flypad
The Flypad was specially designed for our flying minidrone range: Swing, Mambo, Airborne Cargo, Airb..
Mambo Smartphone Holder
This smartphone holder attaches to your Flypad and allows you to fly with complete peace of mind. Yo..
Bebop 2 FPV
Bebop 2 FPVThe essential pack for the most immersive flying sensationsPaired with the Parrot Skycont..
Bebop 2 Propellers
Bebop 2 Propellers..
Bebop 2 Power Battery
Bebop 2 Power Battery..
Bebop 2 Power Battery Charger
Bebop 2 Power Battery Charger..
Sky Controller Battery
Sky Controller Battery..
Bebop Replacement Frame
Bebop Replacement Frame..
Bebop 2 Replacement Camera
Bebop 2 Replacement Camera..
Multi-Charger for CoDrone batteries
Charge 4 CoDrone LiPo batteries at once with the Multi-Charger. More batteries, more flight.For CoDr..
Propeller Guard set for CoDrone
Protect your CoDrone! The Guard Set is a set of replacement guards that protect the CoDrone's or Pet..
Propeller Motors for CoDrone
Extra propeller motors for your CoDrone and Petrone. Each motor is bi-directionally geared.Simply de..
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