Robot Brain (228-2540)
Robot Brain (1st GEN) Simple. Powerful. Flexible. The VEX IQ Robot Brain is a revolution in robot control systems. Includes: (12) identical Smart ports - connect any device to any port Backlit LCD for simple operation Built in programs make robot building fast and fun ..
Smart Motor (228-2560)
  The Smart Motor does more than just make your wheels spin or arm move. The built in processor, quadrature encoder and current monitor allow for advanced control and feedback through the Robot Brain. Command speed, direction, time, revolutions and degrees Mounts directly to VEX IQ..
Bumper Switch (228-2677)
The Bumper Switch gives your robot the sense of touch: Low force switch can detect light touch Use to detect walls or limit an arms motion Supports Event programming to simplify software ..
Robot Battery Charger (228-2743)
The Robot Battery Charger quickly recharges your Robot Battery NiMH 2000mAh Charges the Robot Battery NiMH 2000mAh  Recharges in 2-3 hours Convenient desktop cradle design International volage and frequency compatibility Note: Battery Charger Power Cord not included. See ..
Controller Battery (228-2779)
Replacement battery for the VEX IQ Controller. Lithium Ion technology 3.7V 800 mAh Technical Specifications: Kit Contents:(1) Controller Battery Compatibility  VEX IQ Controller Output Voltage  3.7V Capacity  800 mAh    ..
Smart Cable (6-Pack) (228-2780)
  A pack of (6) Smart Cables for VEX IQ Smart Motors and Sensors. ..
USB Cable (228-2785)
Standard USB micro to USB type A cable Connects the Robot Brain to a computer for programming Connects the Controller to a USB port for charging Connects the Controller to a USB charge adapter ..
Tether Cable (228-2786)
The Tether Cable connects the Robot Brain to the Controller. Allows for wired operation of the robot instead of wireless Charges the Controller from the robot Allows the Controller to be re-calibrated via the Brain's LCD Allows firmware updates to the Controller from a Computer ..
Touch LED (228-3010)
The Touch LED outputs color and inputs touch Smart sensor with internal processor and Red, Green, Blue LEDs Glows in up to 16 million color variations Constant on, off, or blink at any desired rate Touch sensor for student interaction with robot and software Suppor..
Color Sensor (228-3012)
REPLACED BY 228-7082The Color Sensor detects the color of objects. Measures simple colors such as red, orange, yellow . . . Measures color hue Measures independent Red, Green, and Blue in 256 levels each Measure ambient light level Supports Event programming to sim..
Gyro Sensor (228-3014)
The Gyro measures turn rate and calculates direction. Measures rotation rate at up to 500 degrees/second Continuously calculates robot direction Supports event programming to simplify software Measure angle at up to 3,000 times/second W..
Robot AA Battery Holder (228-3493)
  Robot AA Battery HolderP/N: 228-3493 Power your VEX IQ Robot Brain with six AA Batteries (not included). ..
Smart Motor Mount Add-On Pack (228-4034)
Plastic Caps that slide onto the back of the VEX IQ Smart Motor. Use the Single Motor Support Cap's second set of mounting holes to attach your motors in new ways, or use the Dual Motor Support Mount to attach two Smart Motors back-to-back. (2) Single Motor Support Cap (2) Dual Motor..
Long Smart Cable Pack (8-pack) (228-4422)
A pack of (8) Long Smart Cables for VEX IQ Smart Motors and Sensors. (2) 800mm Smart Cable (2) 1.0m Smart Cable (1) 1.2m Smart Cable (1) 1.4m Smart Cable (1) 1.6m Smart Cable (1) 2.0m Smart Cable ..
200mm Smart Cable (4-pack) (228-4423)
A pack of (4) 200mm Smart Cables for VEX IQ Smart Motors and Sensors. ..
IQ Controller (2nd Generation) (228-6470)
 This controller packages analog joysticks and buttons into a familiar video-game style design. A rechargeable battery ensures enough charge to get you through multiple class periods or a full day of competition.Two analog joysticks and ten buttonsBuilt-in Bluetooth 5.0 RadioWireless pairing to..
IQ Robot Brain (2nd Generation) (228-6480)
The IQ Robot Brain is the heart of every VEX IQ robot. Students and teachers can run programs and get important feedback in real-time. Smart Ports automatically detect the type of connected device and handle motors and sensors interchangeably.  The IQ Robot Brain also updates sensors and the co..
Smart Cable Anchor (20-Pack) (228-6519)
Use a Smart Cable Anchor to hold a VEX IQ Smart Cable in place. This provides an easier solution to wire management, and also prevents wires from potentially being damaged by your robot!..
IQ Robot Battery (Li-Ion, 2000 mAh) (228-7045)
  The IQ Robot Battery is plugs into the IQ Robot Brain7.2v 2,000 mAh Lithium IonBuilt-in charge indicator lightsUSB-C Charging.  Requires a USB power adapter and a USB-C cable.Charge time is approximately two hours ..
IQ Optical Sensor (228-7082)
Compatible withproducts and accessories.VIQC legal.The IQ Optical Sensor is a combination of ambient light, color, proximity and gesture sensor.  Color information is available as RGB, hue and saturation or grayscale.  Color detection works best when the object is closer than 100mm..
IQ Distance Sensor (2nd Generation) Pre-Order
PRE-ORDERCompatible with VEX IQ products and accessoriesVIQC legal.The IQ Distance Sensor measures distance to an object, approximate object size and approach speed.Range of 20mm to 200mm with an accuracy of +/‐15mmRange of 20mm to 2,000mm with an accuracy of ~ 5%Object size is reported as small, me..
IQ System Bundle (2nd generation) (228-8658)
Compatible with VEX IQ products and accessoriesVIQC legal.This bundle includes everything you need to get started with VEX IQ. Includes:(1) VEX IQ Robot Brain (2nd Generation)(1) VEX IQ Controller (2nd Generation)(1) VEXIQ Robot Battery (Li-Ion, 2000 mAh)(1) VEX IQ Optical Sensor(1) VEX IQ Distance ..
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