Strax Non-contact Thermometer PPE
Strax Non-contact Thermometer - Multi 1Ct BoxFDA Class 2 Certified. Measuring range: 86 to 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 2 to 5 cm measuring distance. Auto-stops after 5 seconds. 32 set data memory. Displays temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius...
Non-Contact Multimode Infrared Forehead Thermometer PPE
HamiltonBuhl Non-Contact Multimode Infrared Forehead Thermometer - White 8 x 7 x 5 inchThis non-contact, FDA-approved IR thermometer delivers fast, reliable, safe readings of temperatures on the forehead or in-ear, is designed for all ages, and ideal for use in almost any environment requiring safe,..
HygenX Universal Cleaning Kit Jumbo Pack (PPE)
HygenX Universal Cleaning Kit Jumbo PackHamiltonBuhl’s HygenX Universal Cleaning Kit Jumbo Pack is the ultimate, multi-purpose cleaning solution ideal for all digital screens, grimy cell phones, monitors full of fingerprints, cameras, eyeglasses and more!Free of any harsh chemicals or fumes, the Hyg..
HygenX Vray Portable UV Sanitizer PPE
HygenX Vray Portable UV Sterilizer - High Intensity Portable and Cordless UV-C Sanitizer - Kills 99.9% of BacteriaEasily, quickly and safely clean and sanitize all objects and surfaces with HygenX™ Vray, with UV-C light that kills 99.9% of bacteria on everyday items, used and shared, in today’s clas..
V-Claw Holder for HygenX Vray and Other Devices
NOTE: This purchase does not include the HygenX Vray Portable UV Sterilizer as seen in photo's.The V-Claw is an exclusive, specially-designed holder for use with the HygenX Vray Sanitizer. Hold the Vray in the position you want over items to be sanitized, without having to hold the unit yourself...
LocknCharge UVone
Zero-touch, 360-degree disinfection for tablets, phones and mobile devices to a 5-log* kill in just 30 seconds.Simple and fast operation increases hygiene compliance.A cell phone has 18x more bacteria than a public restroom. Reduce the spread of hospital-acquired infections in just 30 seconds by fol..
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