The iDESIGN Events (Training Sessions, Webinars, etc) are delivered using the secure GoToMeeting platform and led by a product or subject professional.  There are opportunities to chat with fellow attendees and instructor at our webinars.

Introducing Zumi, The AI Car

  • With Zumi, you will learn; Basic Robotics, Mapping & Navigation, Machine Vision, Self Driving Car Decision Making, Python, and Machine Learning. the Zumi team will be hosting a webinar on how to implement remote robotics in your virtual learning environment. Presenters will include Wesley Hsu, VP and UI/UX designer at Robolink, and Clinton Mosley, middle school STEM teacher at Fullerton School District in Fullerton, CA. Event Details: Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 6 PM EST/3PM PST. Sign up as Seats are Limited

Simple Robotics (Take Home Kits)

  • October 7: Learn how to teach technology & coding remotely with affordable take home kits featuring micro:bit Course details and Sign up

VEX Robotics V5 (upper middle/high school level)

VEX IQ Robotics & Coding (K-8)