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NeuroMaker BCI - The World’s First Brain-Computer Interface STEM Kit.

Introduce your students to the cutting-edge world of BCI technology with our powerful, accessible STEM learning platform. NeuroMaker BCI combines a precise EEG headband with dozens of activities for neuroscience, machine learning, signal processing, as well as the ethics and impact of the technology in society. Developed in partnership with NeuroTechX, a global non-profit org dedicated to the advancement of neurotech education, the BCI curriculum delivers hours of engaging instructional content that aligns with selected CSTA, NGSS, CC, ISTE and other national standards.

NeuroMaker BCI is based on the same technology used in FocusCalm, a brain training wearable product for consumers that helps people learn how to manage stress and increase their sense of wellbeing. It’s a great way to introduce students to a wide array of technologies that are truly helping people improve their lives.

BCI principles students will master, include:


Students will learn the structure and biology of the brain that can be measured with EEG technology.

Signal Processing 

Students will learn how to sort brain data using python based data science techniques.

Machine Learning 

Students will learn how to apply machine learning algorithms to analyze brain data.

Ethics and Impact

Students will evaluate the social and ethical impacts BCI technology has on our future.

Create your own Neuroscience apps!

• Python

• Data Science

• Artficial Intelligence

• Brain Computer Interface

Pair the headset with BrainCo STEM Hand and control the hand with your mind!

Think Closed...


Everything You Need to Create a Unique STEM Solution.

Curriculum & Academic Materials

Kick Start BCI Experiences – Jump into BCI technology right out of the box! Use a pre-built BCI application to detect changes in your Alpha waves and race your own virtual go kart with the power of your brain. Neuroscience and Neurotechnology–Learn foundational neuroscience concepts such as the structure of the brain and source of measurable brain signals.

Signal Processing and Python Data Science–Learn basic python programming and tools for data visualization and apply the toolkits to separate raw brainwave data into different wave bands and clean unwanted signals for processing.

Machine Learning and BCI – Build an LDA classifier on sample data sets and train your program to recognize different patterns in signal data. Record your own EEG data and use your own programs to remove noise from your signals and hone in relevant information.

BCI Impact-Open Source Research and Neuroethics–Review best practices in open source and data privacy principles crucial to the development of neurotechnology. Learn the basic tenets of ethical use of neurotechnology and ensure that the application of your creations benefit society.

Build a Sleep Detector and Attention Detecting Device – Use the skills and knowledge above to build your own attention tracking and alpha detecting program! See if you can analyze your own mental state and that of your partner. Develop your first applications to gain confidence in your skills. Create a BCI Controlled Game–Apply your skills to the development of a brain controlled game! Use existing templates to add in different brain controlled elements programmed to react to inputs you detect from your algorithms.

Choose your Own BCI Challenge – Integrate all of your combined skills and experience to take on a real world application of BCI technology. Choose challenges ranging from the ethical evaluation of new BCI technology to refining existing BCI code to better detect selected brain states.

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