iDESIGN CTE Buying Guide:

Since inception in 2000, iDESIGN has successfully implemented 1,000s of CTE specific products for 3D design, 3D Printing & Scanning, Laser Cutting, Robotics and intelligent manufacturing solutions. This list includes the best selling and proven products for CTE.  These are also great for makerspaces and STEM programs.  Connect with us for a free no obligation consultation to help get you started. Our reps have the experience you can trust.

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Recommended CTE products:

Afinia H+1 3D Printer

Quality 3D Printed models from a proven 3D Printer for the classroom, inventor or hobbyist. Prints 10" x 8" x 8" models in ABS, PLA or TPU. Looking for a smaller desktop unit, then the Afinia H400+ is an excellent option. 

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3D Scanning

Take your design and additive manufacturing studies further with a quality 3D Scanner.  It was only a few years ago that these were out of reach in terms of cost. Today, we have entry level units (the SE) and more....

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MakerBot Sketch

This new product from MakerBot includes two (2) 3D printers plus Curriculum and MakerBot Cloud print manager for remote management of print and print queues. If you're using TynkerCAD for design, there is an option to print directly to Sketch from within the software.

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MakerBot Method

The Method line of 3D Printers brings professional 3D printing capabilities to the desktop.  With options for heated chamber of 60 & 100 degree Celsius and multiple print heads for ABS and soluble material makes this a great option for complex 3D prints.  There is also a carbon fiber edition for 3 dimensional strength and accurate parts.  Carbon fiber reinforced nylon is optimized for high strength, stiffness, and heat resistance making it ideal for structural applications and metal replacements.  Email for MakerBot Method information and pricing.

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Dremel 3D45 3D Printer EDU

The education pack is packed with add-ons.  This 3D printer is backed by Robert Bosch Co. so you know the support and quality is trusted. We also carry the 3D40 model.

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Emblaser Laser Cutter & Engraver

If you need a low cost high performance laser cutter & engraver for light work or if you need to add to your CTE, STEM or MakerSpace, the Emblaser is one of the best options.  At it's price point and low total cost of ownership, this makes it ideal for your budget.  It's a class 1 laser, which is safe. Together with the safety features built into the unit and the optional filtration unit, you can't go wrong with this laser in your classroom.  Unlike the high end, high cost, laser cutter options in the market, you can buy 5 Emblasers for the price of the high end entry level units.  Think about, you give more access to this technology to more students at a lower cost! You can't beat that!

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Dobot 4-Axis Robotic Arm

Walk into a factory today and you'll most likely find a robot, or robotic arm, doing work in the production line.  Students need to prepare for this being the new normal in manufacturing, food processing, and much more.  Career opportunities in development, programming, and technicians will grow as the industry grows.  Dobot gives students experience with a real-world production robotic arm at an affordable price. This fully programmable robot arms has 4-axis and solidly built.  Add-on vision and conveyor belt to immerse students into real world production environment.

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VEX Robotics V5 Workcell

The future of industrial robotics brought to your classroom. The V5 Workcell together with VEXcode V5 provides students with the opportunity to develop technical and problem solving skills by building and coding a simulated manufacturing workcell. 

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VEX Robotics V5 Classroom Starter Kit

Robotics encompasses design, 3d printing, manufacturing, prototyping, team work, competitiveness, inclusiveness and VEX Robotics has the perfect kits for the CTE Classroom, makerspaces or STEM program.  

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