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If you don't have access to a duct that runs outside or a window to exhaust the fumes from the Emblaser laser cutter, then we recommend this external fume filtration system for the Emblaser 2 Laser Cutter/Etcher.

Key Features

1. Metal body construction. Strong and durable.

2. Noise reduction design for quiet operation.

3. Three stage filter ensures excellent purification.

4. High-quality alloy fan achieves great suction power.

5. Roller wheels for easy positioning

Technical Specifications

Power: 80 Watts

Filters: 3 Stage, pre-filter, HEPA & activated carbon

Fan Speed: User adjustable

Systematic Flow Rate: 215 m3/h

Air Velocity: 11 m/sec

Filtering Efficiency: 0.3um 99.97%

Noise: < 55dB

Dimensions and Power

External Dimensions: 425mm x 250mm x 410mm, (16.73” x 9.84” x 16.14”)

Weight: 14kg (30.86 lb)

Power Requirements: 110/240 VAC

Hose adaptor diameter: 75mm to 50mm (Emblaser 2 ships with exhaust hose)


Mechanics & Electronics = 12 months.


F2000 Fume Extractor Manual

F2000 Fume Extractor Spec. Sheet