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Emblaser 2 Maintenance Kit

The Emblaser 2 requires very little ongoing maintenance, but like any equipment, over time parts can wear.

This maintenance kit contains the all the parts needed to give your Emblaser 2 a major service and keep it running in tip-top condition.


  • 1 x Silicone Aperture Nozzle
  • 1 x Air-Assist Filter
  • 1 x Exhaust Fan
  • 1 x Laser Unit Fan
  • 1 x Laser PCB Fan
  • 1 x Super-lube Synthetic Grease Satchel
  • Replacement set of Calibration cards
  • Camera Lens Calibration card
  • Replacement set of Zeiss lens cleaning wipes
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Lens tissue booklet
  • Set of required Hex Keys