Super Kit (228-2500)
The Super Kit takes educational robotics to the next level. Students can use the familiar handheld C..
Foundation Add-On Kit (228-2531)
The ideal kit for expanding a VEX IQ collection. Allows for creation of additional robot mechanisms ..
Competition Add-On Kit (228-3600)
Taking competition robots to the next level! The best VEX IQ expansion bundle for competitive..
VEX IQ Classroom Bundle (228-4000)
Start your very own STEM revolution, one classroom at a time.Perfect for a group of 24 stud..
IDS Grant Bundle
The Grant Bundle includes one (1) each of: VEX IQ Super Kit (228-2500) VEX IQ ..
IDS Grant Bundle (No SK)
The Grant Bundle (No SK) includes one (1) each of: VEX IQ Competition Add-On Kit (..
Skills Ontario Canada VEX IQ Bundle
Not available in your region
The Skills Ontario Canada Bundle is the essential kit to get you started in the grade 4-6 and 7..
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