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The STEM CAD Workbook Bundle with SnapCAD is an excellent classroom resource that promotes theory, challenges, and activities in a 187-page printable feature-rich resource. The STEM CAD Workbook takes advantage of robotics as a way to teach math and engineering concepts and provides hours of in-class activity for students. It works as a stand-alone workbook or can be used to complement the Introduction to Programming VEX IQ video trainer.

The STEM CAD Workbook is a great resource for teachers who want to use SnapCAD in their classrooms to introduce:
•Technical Drawing
•Engineering Process
•Project Management
•Dimensioning and Measurement

STEM CAD Workbook Bundle also includes:
•Activities to build simple machines and more with VEX IQ and SnapCAD
•SnapCAD Instructional Videos
•Curriculum Edition SnapCAD Add-On Pack
•Teacher’s Guide
•Robotics Workbook