Spare Competition Field Wall Gusset (275-1182)
The VEX Field Wall Gussets are used to connect VEX Field Side Panels together.   Technical Specifications Kit Contents (2) Wall Gussets (5) 1/4-20 x .5in button head screws Old Part Number (SKU) VL-FLDSPAR..
Spare Competition Field Corner Gusset (275-1183)
  The VEX Field Corner Gussets are used to connect VEX Field Side Panels together at a 90 degree angle. (2) Corner Gussets (5) 1/4-20 x .5in button head screws ..
Spare Competition Field Hardware (275-1185)
The VEX Field Hardware is an assortment of the Hardware used to assemble the VEX Field Perimeter. (25) 1/4-20 x 1/2 inch Screws (25) 1/4-20 Nuts   Technical Specifications Kit Contents (25) 1/4-20 x 1/2 inch Screws ..
Spare Competition Field Lexan (275-1202)
  Keep your VEX Field looking great. You can now replace your battle scarred Lexan panels. Three of these Lexan panels are used per each of the 4 sides of the VEX Field. Order an individual panel or 12 panels to replace all the Lexan sides to your VEX Field.   Technical Specif..
Spare Competition Field Control Post (275-1208)
  The VEX Field Control Post is used to hold the VEX Field Control Hardware.   Technical Specifications Contents (1) VEX Field Control Post (2) Mounting Brackets (3) 1/4-20 x .5in button head screws (5) #10-32 x .5in button head screws ..
VEXnet Field Controller Kit (275-1401)
A full set of controllers and cables for use with the VEXnet system and/or the VEX 75MHz Crystal Radios. Field control allows for accurate starting of competition matches. (1) Match Controllers (2) Driver Interfaces (1) USB A-B Cable (2) 50' Ethernet Cables ..
Swept Away Sample Game Elements (275-1412)
  Building a Swept Away robot but you don’t want to buy the official field? The Swept Away Sample Game Elements Kit contains enough for you to use for testing as your build and prototype your design. (6) 4" Green Soccer Balls (3) Orange Footballs   Sma..
8  x 8  Field Perimeter Kit (275-1413)
For those playing a game other than Swept Away, the 8x8 field perimeter is available for purchase separately. This perimeter includes mounting options for additional custom field elements, so you can attach whatever goals or pieces you want. 8 ft x 8 ft field perimieter (4) Field ..
VEX Competition Field Monitor Stand (276-1572)
This bracket allows you to mount an LCD monitor onto the VEX field perimeter, either on a corner or at the center of a wall panel.  Monitor mounting hardware is included.   Technical Specifications Kit Contents (1) VEX Competition Field Monitor Stand (1..
On Field Robot Sizing Tool (276-2086)
Designed to quickly inspect whether or not a Competition Robot fits into the 18" maximum sizing dimension. This sizing bracket does not require the robot to be sitting on a baseplate, and can be used to measure a robot on any surface...
Competition Cortex Wire Retaining Clips (276-2173)
These wire retaining clips are upgrades for the standard Cortex Microcontroller clips and are designed to secure wires in a competitive robotics environment. (3) clips included. Upgrades, not replacements, for standard Cortex clips. Zip-tie wires into place to ensure secure connection..
VRC Banner Kit (276-2238)
Event banners to help VEX Robotics Competition Event Partners hold a successful tournament. Trophies, fields and game objects may have up to a 4 week lead time for shipping. We strongly encourage Event Partners to have their orders in at least 4 weeks before their event to ensure all products arrive..
VEXnet Competition Switch (276-2335)
Use the VEXnet Competition Switch to enable/disable up to four (4) VEXnet robots. This switch also has the ability to toggle between autonomous & operator control mode. Use this kit to simulate a VEX field controller for match practice! (1) Four-way competition switch. (1) 5' Etherne..
Spare Competition Field Side Panel (276-3295)
Over the years, competition wear and tear affects more than your robots. Replace worn or lost elements of your official VEX Robotics Competition Field Perimeter with these spare parts. ..
License Plate Alphabet Sticker Sheet (276-3937)
Shaft collars for VEX EDR Drive Shafts. This clamping-style collar uses standard VEX EDR button head screws and nuts to maintain a tight lock without scratching or damaging the shaft. Designed specifically for VEX EDR Drive Shafts Standard VEX EDR screws use a 3/32" allen key Clamping..
VRC License Plate Kit (276-3938)
  License plates and identification numbers for teams competing in the VEX Robotics Competition. Red & blue colors serve as alliance indicators as well as ID plates Attaches using standard VEX EDR screws and nuts Plates come blank and are fully customizable Technical Spec..
Competition Field Corner Bracket (4-pack) (276-4604)
  These brackets can be used as replacements for the top and bottom plates which join the corners of the VEX Robotics Competition Field Perimeter. ..
Field Perimeter Rubber Foot (20-pack) (276-5156)
Give your field a leg up. These rubber feet are distributed along the bottom edges of a VEX EDR field perimeter, thereby raising it to the same height as the field tiles. No more cutting tiles! ..
On-Field Robot Expansion Sizing Tool (276-5942)
The On-Field Robot Expansion Sizing Tool is the next generation of the Robot Sizing Tool. Use this product to inspect inspect whether a VRC In the Zone Robot fits into the starting configuration of 18" while not exceeding the maximum expansion limit of 36". This sizing bracket does not require the r..
VRC 2019-2020 Tower Takeover - Game Element Kit (276-6090)
This kit includes half of the game elements needed for a full VRC Tower Takeover field.Note: Field Elements, Field Perimeter & Tiles NOT included. (12) Orange Cube Assemblies(12) Purple Cube Assemblies(12) Green Cube AssembliesNote: (2) kits must be purchased to have a full field of game element..
VRC 2019-2020 Tower Takeover - Scoring Element Kit (276-6092)
Spare game elements for use in VRC Tower Takeover. Other field elements not included. (1) Cube Assembly (Random color)Ships this May. Pre-Order Today.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------..
VRC 2019-2020 Tower Takeover - Field Elements (276-VRCTTFE)
This kit contains all the necessary Field Elements for use with VEX Robotics Competition Tower Takeover. One Full Field Set. (4) Zone Marker Assemblies(7) Pedestal Assemblies(1) Red Tape (2" wide)(1) Blue Tape (2" wide)(1) White Tape (2" wide)(1) VRC License Plate KitAll necessary assembly hardwareN..
VRC 2019-2020 Tower Takeover - Full Field & Game Element Kit (276-VRCTTFFK)
VRC 2019-2020 VRC Tower Takeover - Full Field & Game Element Kit includes: 2 x Game Element Kits (276-6090)1 x Field Element Kit 1 (276-6091) 1 x Field Element Kit 2 (276-6093)The competition field perimeter and field tiles in picture are extra. Ships this May. Pre-Order Today.--------..
Classroom Competition Field Kit (278-1004)
The Field Kit - Designed for the Classroom 8 ft x 8 ft field perimieter Dividing Walls & Goals (12) Orange Foam Footballs (24) Green Foam Soccer Balls   Overview This field can be assembled or disassembled in less than 5 minutes wit..
Competition Field Perimeter Kit (278-1501)
  The official VEX Robotics Competition Field is setup on a foam surface, with a sheet-metal and polycarbonate perimeter frame. Inside this perimeter, game-specific elements can be added.Metal frame for the VEX Robotics Competition field perimeterIncludes ALL parts required for frame ass..
Competition Field Tile Kit (278-1502)
VRC Foam Field Surface. Kit comes with enough 2' x 2' interlocking foam tiles to fill one standard sized VEX Robotics Competition field. (36) Grey (2) Red (2) Blue ..
iDESIGN Coupon
The iDESIGN Coupon allows you with the flexibility of ordering and customizing your coupon(s). Coupons come in values from $5 to $100, allows you to add a description of your your event, function, etc and coupon code(s) which will be added to your coupon(s).Once yo..
PA System 100 - Watt portable Public Address System
PA System 100 - Watt portable Public Address System - UHF - includesThe all-new HamiltonBuhl VENU100A is a powerful, versatile and portable PA amplifier system with all the latest features including an ABS-engineered plastic shell making it highly durable, impact-resistant PA system in a compact, po..
Accessory - Canvas Bag for the VENU100A & VENU100W Only
Accessory - Canvas Bag for the VENU100A & VENU100W OnlySoft canvas bag for the VENU100A Portable PA System. ..
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