Wireless Transmitter,  w22 (640-0150 )
Wireless Transmitter, w22..
Slide Switch,  i1 (650-0001 )
Slide Switch, i1..
Toggle Switch,  i2 (650-0002 )
Toggle Switch, i2..
Button,  i3 (650-0003 )
Button, i3..
Proto,  w9 (650-0004 )
Proto, w9..
Remote Trigger,  i7 (650-0007 )
Remote Trigger, i7..
Sequencer,  i22 (650-0008 )
Sequencer, i22..
Threshold,  i23 (650-0009 )
Threshold, i23..
Arduino,  w6 (650-0010 )
Arduino, w6..
Bend Sensor,  i14 (650-0014 )
Bend Sensor, i14..
Pulse,  i16 (650-0016 )
Pulse, i16..
Timeout,  i17 (650-0017 )
Timeout, i17..
Motion Trigger,  i18 (650-0018 )
Motion Trigger, i18..
Roller Switch,  i19 (650-0019 )
Roller Switch, i19..
Sound Trigger,  i20 (650-0020 )
Sound Trigger, i20..
Microphone,  i21 (650-0021 )
Microphone, i21..
Temperature Sensor,  i12 (650-0022 )
Temperature Sensor, i12..
Mp3 Player,  i25 (650-0023 )
Mp3 Player, i25..
Led Matrix,  o28 (650-0028 )
Led Matrix, o28..
Led,  o1 (650-0031 )
Led, o1..
Long Led,  o2 (650-0032 )
Long Led, o2..
Rgb Led,  o3 (650-0033 )
Rgb Led, o3..
Vibration Motor,  o4 (650-0034 )
Vibration Motor, o4..
Buzzer,  o6 (650-0036 )
Buzzer, o6..
Servo,  o11 (650-0041 )
Servo, o11..
Bright Led,  o14 (650-0044 )
Bright Led, o14..
Uv Led,  o15 (650-0045 )
Uv Led, o15..
Usb Power,  p3 (650-0063 )
Usb Power, p3..
Power Bit, p4 (650-0064 )
Power Bit, p4..
Wire,  w1 (650-0071 )
Wire, w1..
Branch,  w2 (650-0072 )
Branch, w2..
Or,  w3 (650-0073 )
Or, w3..
And,  w4 (650-0074 )
And, w4..
Fork,  w7 (650-0077 )
Fork, w7..
Latch,  w8 (650-0078 )
Latch, w8..
Inverter,  w10 (650-0080 )
Inverter, w10..
Nor,  w15 (650-0085 )
Nor, w15..
Nand,  w16 (650-0086 )
Nand, w16..
Xor,  w17 (650-0087 )
Xor, w17..
Screwdriver,  a4 (650-0094 )
Screwdriver, a4..
Pressure Sensor,  i11 (650-0108 )
Pressure Sensor, i11..
Bargraph,  o9 (650-0109-001A2 )
Bargraph, o9..
Slide Dimmer,  i5 (650-0110 )
Slide Dimmer, i5..
Light Sensor,  i13 (650-0111 )
Light Sensor, i13..
Fan,  o13 (650-0112 )
Fan, o13..
Ir Led,  o7 (650-0113 )
Ir Led, o7..
Dimmer,  i6 (650-0122 )
Dimmer, i6..
littleBits Synth Kit (650-0124-00A02)
Create amazing sounds right out of the box while learning the basics of analog synthesis. Combine the littleBits Synth Kit with other little Bits modules to make expressive interfaces, or creations that span light, motion and sound!Includes a project booklet with step-by-step instructions for creati..
Keyboard,  i30 (650-0125 )
Keyboard, i30..
Oscillator,  i31 (650-0126 )
Oscillator, i31..
Filter,  i32 (650-0127 )
Filter, i32..
Envelope,  i33 (650-0128 )
Envelope, i33..
Random,  i34 (650-0129 )
Random, i34..
Delay,  i35 (650-0130 )
Delay, i35..
Micro Sequencer,  i36 (650-0131 )
Micro Sequencer, i36..
Mix,  i37 (650-0132 )
Mix, i37..
Split,  w19 (650-0134 )
Split, w19..
Synth Speaker,  o24 (650-0136 )
Synth Speaker, o24..
Ir Transmitter,  o18 (650-0140 )
Ir Transmitter, o18..
Number,  o21 (650-0141 )
Number, o21..
Dc Motor,  o25 (650-0142-001A1 )
Dc Motor, o25..
Cross Axle DC Motor (Droid Version) (650-0142-F )
Cross Axle DC Motor (Droid Version)..
Perf,  w29 (650-0144 )
Perf, w29..
Usb I/O,  w27 (650-0145 )
Usb I/O, w27..
Midi,  w5 (650-0146 )
Midi, w5..
Cv,  w18 (650-0147 )
Cv, w18..
Wireless Receiver,  w21 (650-0149-00A01 )
Wireless Receiver, w21..
Ble,  w30 (650-0151-00A01 )
Ble, w30..
codeBit (650-0153 )
CodeBit, CodeBit Bluetooth Dongle, microUSB Cable (650-0153, 660-5009, 660-5008 )
CodeBit, CodeBit Bluetooth Dongle, microUSB Cable..
Proximity Sensor (650-0155-A )
Proximity Sensor..
Accelerometer, i28 (650-0157 )
Accelerometer, i28..
Round LED Matrix (650-0158 )
The round LED matrix is a colorful display that you can control using code or other Bits. Snap any input in front of it to play with preset programs, or use the Avenger’s Hero Inventor App to customize your own graphics through code when you add a Bluetooth Low Energy Bit. ..
makey makey (651-0001 )
makey makey..
bitShoes, magnet, a5 (660-0001)
bitShoes, magnet, a5..
bitShoes, hook & loop, a6 (660-0002)
bitShoes, hook & loop, a6..
bitShoes, adhesive, a7 (660-0003)
bitShoes, adhesive, a7..
bitShoes, variety pack (660-0004)
bitShoes, variety pack..
Code Kit Large Mounting Boards (660-0005)
Code Kit Large Mounting Boards..
Mounting boards, a25 (660-0005-001A3)
Mounting boards, a25..
9V Battery + Cable, a1 (660-0006-001A2)
9V Battery + Cable, a1..
motorMate, a10 (660-0007)
motorMate, a10..
littleBits Purple Tacklebox (660-0013-0000A)
littleBits Purple Tacklebox (Only the Tacklebox)..
Tacklebox, a15 (660-0013-B)
Tacklebox, a15..
littleBits Brick Adapter (660-0015)
The brick adapter enables you to easily snap your Bits to LEGO® bricks. Each pack comes with brick adapter studs and sockets.-With brick adapter studs, your Bits will defy gravity! Simply snap an adapter underneath your bricks and press the feet of your Bits into place.-With brick adapter sockets..
Brick adapter, a8 (660-0015-0000A)
Brick adapter, a8..
USB power adapter + cable, a14 (660-0016-0000A)
USB power adapter + cable, a14..
bitSnaps, a20 (660-0017-0000A)
bitSnaps, a20..
Make: Getting Started with littleBits (660-0021)
Make: Getting Started with littleBits..
Set of Wheels, a25 (660-5003)
Set of Wheels, a25..
Set of Wheels, (660-5003d)
These wheels work with DC motor "D" shaft. When used with DC motors, this pair of wheels is perfect for making bots, cars, and all sorts of spinning inventions...
Set of Wheels, (660-5003x)
These wheels work with cross axle DC motors. When used with DC motors, this pair of wheels is perfect for making bots, cars, and all sorts of spinning inventions...
Rechargeable battery (660-5007)
Rechargeable battery..
Rechargeable battery &  USB cable, 0.5m (660-5007 & 660-5009)
Rechargeable battery & USB cable, 0.5m..
CodeBit dongle, a29 (660-5008)
CodeBit dongle, a29..
USB cable, 0.5m (660-5009)
USB cable, 0.5m..
PowerSnap (660-5010)
Threadforming Screws 4 Pack (660-5012)
Threadforming Screws 4 Pack..
littleBits Wall Storage (660-5028)
littleBits Wall Storage makes organizing your giant collection of Bits a breeze. Always know where your Bits belong, and access them quickly and easily with 5 purple littleBits metal wall panels, 60 small plastic bins, and 20 large plastic bins...
Round LED Handheld Mount (660-5040)
Round LED Handheld Mount..
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