Controller (228-2530)
  Controller Pair the Controller with a Robot Brain and gain full control of your ro..
Robot Brain (228-2540)
Robot Brain Simple. Powerful. Flexible. The VEX IQ Robot Brain is a revolution in robot contro..
Smart Motor (228-2560)
  The Smart Motor does more than just make your wheels spin or arm move. The built in pr..
Robot Battery (228-2604)
  Robot Battery P/N: 228-2604 Replacement battery for the VEX IQ Robot Brain N..
Bumper Switch (228-2677)
The Bumper Switch gives your robot the sense of touch: Low force switch can detect light touch ..
Robot Battery Charger (228-2743)
The Robot Battery Charger quickly recharges your Robot Battery NiMH 2000mAh Charges the Robot Bat..
Controller Battery (228-2779)
Replacement battery for the VEX IQ Controller. Lithium Ion technology 3.7V 800 mAh ..
Smart Cable (6-Pack) (228-2780)
  A pack of (6) Smart Cables for VEX IQ Smart Motors and Sensors. ..
USB Cable (228-2785)
Standard USB micro to USB type A cable Connects the Robot Brain to a computer for programming..
Tether Cable (228-2786)
The Tether Cable connects the Robot Brain to the Controller. Allows for wired operation of th..
Touch LED (228-3010)
The Touch LED outputs color and inputs touch Smart sensor with internal processor and Red..
Distance Sensor (228-3011)
The Distance Sensor uses ultrasonic sound waves to measure distance Measures distance fro..
Color Sensor (228-3012)
The Color Sensor detects the color of objects. Measures simple colors such as red, orange..
Gyro Sensor (228-3014)
The Gyro measures turn rate and calculates direction. Measures rotation rate at up to 5..
Smart Radio (228-3530)
The Smart Radio expands the potential of the VEX IQ Robot Brain and Controller by enabling wireless ..
Smart Motor Mount Add-On Pack (228-4034)
Plastic Caps that slide onto the back of the VEX IQ Smart Motor. Use the Single Motor Support Cap&..
Long Smart Cable Pack (8-pack) (228-4422)
A pack of (8) Long Smart Cables for VEX IQ Smart Motors and Sensors. (2) 800mm Smart Cable (2)..
200mm Smart Cable (4-pack) (228-4423)
A pack of (4) 200mm Smart Cables for VEX IQ Smart Motors and Sensors. ..
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