iDESIGN Coupon
The iDESIGN Coupon allows you with the flexibility of ordering and customizing your coupon(s). Coupons come in values from $5 to $100, allows you to add a description of your your event, function, etc and coupon code(s) which will be added to your coupon(s).Once yo..
iDESIGN Training
iDESIGN offers various training programs - teacher training, student training, how to, etc.Please contact us to discuss your needs so we can provide you with a quote...
K-8 Coding Starter Pack Bundle
With this one purchase you will be able to try multiple products in your classroom to help you decide on which one works best for you and your students. The coding software is included with each product as a free download. You will be immersed into a fun block-based programming world, with fun p..
Project-based learning and 3D printing are pivotal avenues for teaching STEM subjects, engaging students on new levels and preparing them for future careers. The STEM 3D Bundle Includes:1 x Solar Battery Charger Curriculum Kit  (27549) 1 x Heart Rate Curriculum Kit  (27570)1..
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