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Make your robot lighter!

Use VEX Aluminum pieces to lighten the total weight of a robot or mechanism while still keeping it strong.

  • Compatible with all VEX Motion and Structure components.
  • Available in bundle kits or in single part multi-packs


Technical Specifications


Kit Contents Aluminum Structure Kit Contents
  • (1)Aluminum Chassis 25x25x2
  • (4)Aluminum C-Channel 1x2x1x25
  • (1)Aluminum C-Channel 1x5x1x25
  • (2)Aluminum Plate 5x25
  • (4)Aluminum Bar 1x25

Long Aluminum Structure Kit Contents
  • (4)Aluminum C-Channel 1x2x1x35
  • (4)Aluminum C-Channel 1x5x1x35
  • (4)Aluminum Angles 2x2x35

Aluminum Chassis Kit 25x25 Contents
  • (2)Angles 2x2x25
  • (4)Rails 2x1x25
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Material Type Aluminum, 5052H32
Material Thickness 0.064in (1.6mm)
Material Finish None
Hole Size 0.182 square (VEX standard)
Weight Aluminum Plate 5x25: 0.146 lbs
Aluminum Bar 1x25: 0.030 lbs
Aluminum Angle 2x2x35: 0.154 lbs
Aluminum Chassis: 25x25x2: 0.552 lbs
Aluminum C-Channel 1x2x1x25: 0.116 lbs
Aluminum C-Channel 1x5x1x25: 0.211 lbs
Aluminum C-Channel 1x2x1x35: 0.157 lbs
Aluminum C-Channel 1x5x1x35: 0.298 lbs
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