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The Field Kit - Designed for the Classroom

  • 8 ft x 8 ft field perimieter
  • Dividing Walls & Goals
  • (12) Orange Foam Footballs
  • (24) Green Foam Soccer Balls



This field can be assembled or disassembled in less than 5 minutes without the use of tools. Setup the field at the start of your class, and take it apart and store it in a closet when you finish competing. The field can also be optionally bolted together with standard VEX hardware and screwed down to (2x) 4x8 sheets of plywood for more permanent assembly.

Technical Specifications

Kit Contents
  • (4)Field Perimeter Corners
  • (4)Field Perimeter Walls
  • (2)Dividing Walls
  • (2)Goals
  • (12)Orange Foam Footballs
  • (24)Green Foam Soccer Balls
Downloads & Docs Swept Away Field CAD Assembly (STEP) - (11-02-2009, zip)
Refer to the Swept Away Game Manual for Field Specifications and Assembly Instructions.

Swept Away Game Rules and Field Assembly Guide & Specifications: Swept Away Game Manual – (8-16-2011, pdf)