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3D40 DigiLab w/ Flexible Build Plate- Edu Version

Unsurpassed Reliability
There is nothing worse than a clogged 3D printer. Based on Dremel's clog resistant extruder with active filament monitoring, the 3D40 FLEX EDU is engineered to run smoothly. We want you to make, not repair.
Designed for the Classroom
With the everyday teacher in mind, Dremel's 3D40 FLEX EDU is fully enclosed and has optimized motion controls to minimize noise so you can teach while the printer is running. Installation is a breeze with time to first print taking only 15 minutes.
Award-Winning Experience
Dremel won an ISTE award as it has everything needed for teachers to implement 3D printing into the classroom. Try a 3D40 FLEX EDU out for yourself and see what all the excitement is about.
3D40 FLEX EDU is UL-Certified, providing teachers and students peace of mind to focus on creativity.
UL Standard: US-29813-M1-UL
Flexible Build Plate
Removable flexible build plate makes print removal quick and easy. Using magnet and latches to hold the build plate in place, no tools are required. Ergonomic handles make build plate removal and flexing comfortable and easy.
Up to 30% Faster Printing
New “draft mode” print profile in the slicing software prints parts up to 30% faster than the Dremel 3D40 at 340 micron layer height
Up to 50 micron print resolution
New “ultra high quality” print profile slicing software prints parts at 50 micron layer height, perfect for parts with intricate features and fine details.
WiFi Enabled for Cloud Printing
Wifi-enabled and part of the Dremel Print Cloud for fast remote printing and monitoring.
3D Lesson Plans
We developed 30 standard lesson plans for 3rd-12th, aligned with Common Core and other state standards in collaboration with Florida State University, MyStemKits, and other institutions.
Professional Development
Take our 4-hour professional development course and receive credit to understand the basics of 3D printing and how to effectively implement it into your classroom.
Additional Items
Every 3D40 FLEX EDU version comes with 4 additional flexible build sheets, and 3 additional rolls of PLA filament. Dremel’s non-toxic, recyclable, plant-based PLA filament is safe to use in class or at home. It has been engineered for optimal printing, producing high-quality models.
Scale your Makerspace
New web console with proxy and static IP settings allows you to easily set up print farms from your computer.

What's in the box:

  • + 3D40 FLEX 3D Printer »
  • + 4 Spools of Dremel PLA Filament
  • + 10 Blue Build Tapes
  • + 3 Black Build Tapes
  • + 30 Standard-Based Lesson Plans
  • + 4 Hour 3D Printing  Professional Development Course

Includes 30 lesson plans to go BEYOND THE MACHINE