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In this self-guided online course, you will learn how to bring the littleBits Invention Cycle into the classroom. Through five self-paced hands-on sessions, you will gain an understanding of how to use littleBits to develop students real-world, 21st century skills across a variety of subjects. Throu..
Synth Speaker,  o24 (650-0136 )
Synth Speaker, o24..
Tacklebox, a15 (660-0013-B)
Tacklebox, a15..
Temperature Sensor,  i12 (650-0022 )
Temperature Sensor, i12..
Threadforming Screws 4 Pack (660-5012)
Threadforming Screws 4 Pack..
Threshold,  i23 (650-0009 )
Threshold, i23..
Timeout,  i17 (650-0017 )
Timeout, i17..
Toggle Switch,  i2 (650-0002 )
Toggle Switch, i2..
USB cable, 0.5m (660-5009)
USB cable, 0.5m..
Usb I/O,  w27 (650-0145 )
Usb I/O, w27..
USB power adapter + cable, a14 (660-0016-0000A)
USB power adapter + cable, a14..
Usb Power,  p3 (650-0063 )
Usb Power, p3..
Uv Led,  o15 (650-0045 )
Uv Led, o15..
Vibration Motor,  o4 (650-0034 )
Vibration Motor, o4..
Wire,  w1 (650-0071 )
Wire, w1..
Wire, 3-Pack (670-0028 )
Wire, 3-Pack..
Wire, 6-Pack (670-0029-0000A )
Wire, 6-Pack..
Wireless Receiver,  w21 (650-0149-00A01 )
Wireless Receiver, w21..
Wireless Transmitter,  w22 (640-0150 )
Wireless Transmitter, w22..
Xor,  w17 (650-0087 )
Xor, w17..
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