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BuildTak, H800(+) - H+1 platform surfaces-3pk

BuildTak is a proprietary, patent-pending composition that provides a stable 3D print surface for FDM (fused deposition modeling) printers that specifically use, but are not limited to, PLA and ABS. BuildTak is composed of high quality, heat-resistant materials that are designed to withstand the typical high operating temperatures of an FDM 3D printer.

BuildTak offers the following benefits:

  • Pre-cut to fit the dimensions of the H800/H800+ 3D Printer (10" x 8")
  • Can be used interchangeably for ABS & PLA
  • Easily applied to the Cell/Perf Board and leaves no residue when removed
  • Very durable surface – Will last for dozens of prints
  • Will greatly reduce warping and/or curling during printing
  • Greatly reduces platform pre-heating time
  • Includes 3 BuildTak's