Brand: VEX Robotics
Product Code: 217-5995
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VersaPlanetary Lite Base Kit, 1:1, Universal Female Output Shaft

•(1) Universal Female Shaft Output Block, VersaPlanetary Lite
•(1) Input Block Assembly, VersaPlanetary Lite
•(1) RS-550 Motor Mounting Plate (Included in 217-3564)
•(1) Adapter Kit For Universal Female Output Shaft
•(1) VersaPlanetary 0-2 Stage Screw Kit
•(1)VersaPlanetary Lite Motor Mounting Hardware Kit (Included in 217-4649. #8-32 are 275-1013)
Note: Included hardware is for RS-550 Sized Motors (BaneBots RS-550, AndyMark NeveRest, REV HS Hex Motor, Tetrix TorqueNADO) only. Hardware to adapt to other FRC legal motors (BAG, RS-775, 775pro, Redline, AM-9015) sold separately.