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VersaFrame 1" x 2" x 1" x 0.090" C-Channel (59" length)

VersaFrame Stock is a construction system that allows teams to build an upper frame in whatever configuration they can imagine. Pre-drilled holes on a standard 1" pitch are designed to be used with #8 screws and 5/32" rivets, and can be easily drilled out for larger hardware. No need for precision fabrication capability - with just a saw and a drill, any team can build light-weight world-class frames.

The VersaFrame Stock square tube is a custom thickness sized specifically for the FIRST ® Robotics Competition market. With 0.040" and 0.10" walls, the tube is lightweight and more than strong enough for most FIRST ® Robotics Competition applications. C-channel and angle pieces help to provide even more strength where it's needed most.