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VEXpro 2014 Drive in a Day Chassis includes:

•(4) Chassis Side Rail
•(2) Chassis End Rail

Immediately following the 2014 FIRST ® Robotics Competition kickoff, two teams of VEXpro engineers faced off in a three day robot building whirlwind known as Build Blitz. Team JVN designed a new sheet metal base with the intent that any team would be able to benefit from the lessons learned during Build Blitz, and the 2014 Drive-in-a-Day is the result of that effort.

The 2014 Drive in a Day is a configurable chassis system that produces lightweight, affordable, and robust sheet metal drivetrains. With a 0.5" pitch and a wide variety of mounting holes for motors, gearboxes, and bearings, teams can use the 2014 Drive in a Day to build the drivetrain that's right for them.
•Supports 4WD or 6WD (with 1/8" drop center)
•Optional Cross Rail can be used for a 5-wheel H-drive (note: Cross Rail requires Corner Gussets)
•Fits 3.25" or 4" wheels
•Works with Omni, Mecanum, or Traction Wheels
•Natively mounts many VEXpro gearboxes
•Configurable for either live or dead axles
•Mounts CIM-style motors directly to the side rails for a clean and efficient single reduction

Note: Hardware not included.