Brand: VEX Robotics
Product Code: 276-2214
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These upgrade links should be useful to designers wishing to create more advanced mechanisms utilizing the tank tread.

  • Different Tread-Links Increase Functionality.
  • Get High-Traction on Smooth Surfaces.
  • Compatible with Tank Tread Kit, High Strength Chain & Sprockets.


This upgrade kit provides two types of add-on links designed to increase the functionality of the VEX Tank Tread Kit. The first set of add-on links includes a patch of soft rubber designed to increase the traction of the tank treads on smooth surfaces. The second set of add-on links includes a variety of fins, for use in constructing conveyor belt type mechanisms.

Technical Specifications:
Kit Contents
  • (25)Tank Tread Traction Links
  • (30)Conveyor-belt Base Links
  • (10)Short Conveyor-belt Inserts
  • (10)Medium Conveyor-belt Inserts
  • (10)Tall Conveyor-belt Inserts
Downloads & Docs Inventor's Guide - Tank Tread Upgrade
CAD Models of all motion components can be found on the VEX Wiki.
Compatibility Tank Tread Kit
High Strength Sprocket & Chain Kit
Additional High Strength Chain
Material Type
  • Links:Delrin
  • Traction Insert:Rubber
  • Belts:Rubber
  • Tread Length:1.5" (38.1mm)
  • Sml. Belt Height:0.5" (12.7mm)
  • Med. Belt Height:0.9" (22.9mm)
  • Tall Belt Height:1.3" (33.0mm)