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Padcaster turns the iPad into a potent learning tool that teaches valuable skills while giving students the freedom to explore the world around them. Capture, create and share compelling digital content that enriches your entire educational ecosystem.

The Padcaster Starter Kit is the perfect first step in turning your iPad into an all-in-one mobile production powerhouse. Perfect for schools, journalists, filmmakers, companies of all sizes and more, the Padcaster Starter Kit is a great entry-level video production system that empowers you to tell your story - with tools that are mobile and professional. Included in the Starter Kit package are all of the core components to cover the fundamentals of great iPad video.  Part of a completely modular system, you can add countless Padcaster accessories to your Starter Kit any time.

  • Empower your students to create.
  • Engage in Remote Learning, Distance Learning and eLearning.
  • Create instructional videos for your students.
  • Produce your very own morning news.
  • Livestream school sports and events.
  • Explore the next generation of digital learning.

INCLUDES Padcaster Case Padded Camera Backpack Multi-function Wide Angle/Macro Lens Fluid Head Tripod/Monopod Unidirectional Microphone Kit Dual Microphone/Headphone Splitter

IDEAL FOR All basic iPad video production needs Livestreaming presentations, meetings, religious services etc. A starting point to add additional accessories at any time

Includes: Padcaster Case, Unidirectional Microphone Kit, Dual Microphone/Headphone Splitter, Multi-function Wide Angle/Macro Lens, Fluid Head Tripod/Monopod, Lens Sticker and Padded Camera Backpack

*Starter Kit for iPad 10.5", iPad Air 10.5", and iPad 11" do not include the lens sticker as it is not required for these models


  • Padcaster Case
  • Unidirectional Microphone Kit
  • Dual Microphone/Headphone Splitter
  • Multi-function Wide Angle/Macro Lens
  • Fluid Head Tripod/Monopod
  • Padded Camera Backpack