Brand: VEX Robotics
Product Code: 270-1605
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The official control system kit for the BEST Robotics Competition.

Control Components:
•(1) Cortex Microcontroller
•(1) VEXnet Joystick
•(2) VEXnet Key 2.0

Note: The first generation VEXnet USB Adapter key and the new VEXnet Key 2.0 are both legal for use in the BEST Robotics Competition.

Motion Components:
•(2) BEST Large Motors*
•(2) BEST Small Motors*
•(4) Motor Controller 29

Power Components:
•(2) 7.2V NiMH Robot Batteries (3000 mAh)
•(1) Smart Charger with North American Power Cord
•(1) 8-Bay AA/AAA Smart Battery Charger
•(1) AAA NiMH Rechargeable Battery 6-pack
•(1) VEXnet Backup Battery Holder
•(1) Servo Power Adapter (4-pack)

•(1) Screw Terminal Motor Interface Cable (4-pack)*
•(2) Screw Terminal Sensor Interface Cable 3 pin (4-pack)*
•(1) USB A-A Tether Cable

Programmable with easyC V4 for Cortex or ROBOTC for Cortex & PIC. Add a Programming Hardware Kit for wireless programming and debugging.

* Note: Product not legal for use in the VEX Robotics Competition.