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Our Most Recommended Sensors

The VEX Advanced Sensor Kit provides a complete mix of our most popular sensors in a value bundle. Increase the challenge, and your robot's abilities, by adding a computer engineering and sensor implementation aspect to the robotics lab.

  • (1) Line Tracking Kit
  • (1) Ultrasonic Range Finder
  • (1) Light Sensor
  • (2) Optical Shaft Encoders
  • (2) Potentiometers


Technical Information

The Advanced Sensor Kit contains (1) each of the following sensor kits:

Line Tracking Kit (P/N: 276-2154):
Ultrasonic Range Finder (P/N: 276-2155):
Light Sensor (P/N: 276-2158):
Optical Shaft Encoder (P/N: 276-2156):
Potentiometer (P/N: 276-2216):


Downloads & Docs Sensors - VEX Wiki
STEP Files for the sensors provided in the Advanced Sensor Kit are available on the VEX Wiki.
Compatibility 3-Wire Extension Cables
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