Brand: Afinia
Product Code: DOBOT BUNDLE #1
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The DOBOT BUNDLE #1 provides you with the complete robot manufacturing solution at a scale for education use.  It will allow students to work with a 4-axis robotic arm that can move along a linear rail and pick items from a conveyor belt.  The Bundle includes the following:

  • Quantity of three (3) Dobot Magician 4-Axis Robotic Arm (Part # 29516)
  • Dobot Magician MicroProduction (Part # 29656) (Quantity of one)
  • Dobot Magician Linear Rail (Part # 29649) (Quantity of one)

Give students' real world experience with today's manufacturing process. They will learn how to code the robot arm and simulate real-world assembly production lines with this bundle.  

Download the Dobot Magician User Guide