Brand: VEX Robotics
Product Code: 217-3416
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13t Steel Spur Gear (20 DP, CIM Motor, 14t Center Distance, With Mounting Hardware)

7075 T6 Aluminum and 4140 Steel gears reduce weight and rotational inertia of your gearbox. The VEXpro teflon infused ceramic coating greatly reduces the friction of your gearbox at the initial motor reduction (where drag has the most effect on the system).
•Includes gear and mounting hardware
•Mounts to a CIM Motor 8mm shaft
•Mounts to other motors or gearbox using this similar shaft

For applications that require just a bit more torque without changing the whole gearbox, the 11t gear w/ 12t center distance (217-3107) will actually fit with the same spur gears as a standard 12t CIM motor pinion without changing mounting holes. The 13t gear w/ 14t center distance (217-3416) does the same for 14-tooth pinions - easily reduce speed & add torque.