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The Home School VEX IQ Bundle is the essential kit to get your student or child started with robotics, coding, or simply on the path to many career options in the high tech field. This kit is suited for students in grade 4-6 and 7-8.  This is the same kit students would use in VEX IT Robotics Challenge so you can continue to use this kit well beyond home based learning.

Includes one (1) each of:

  • VEX IQ Super Kit (VEX IQ Super Kit 228-2500)
  • VEX IQ Pin Tool (228-4035)
  • FREE Training (4 sessions for total of 3 hours of training). Training delivered by iDESIGN training professional.

Training outline:

Session 1 - 30 minutes

  • Intro to VEX IQ Robotics program 
  • What can you build with VEX IQ?
  • Tips/tricks for success
  • Homework: Build your first robot

Session 2 - 30 minutes

  • Review Robot Build and FAQ
  • Firmware update

Session 3 - 1 hour

  • VEX IQ brain - tips and tricks
  • VEX IQ Blocks interface
  • Programming drive-train
  • Programming Sensors

Session 4 - 1 hour

  • Programming arms/claws
  • Gears and Mechanisms
  • Stacking Challenge – coding
  • How to break down any challenge for success


Instructor: Dean Jacksch

Bio: Dean Jacksch has been mentoring competitive robotics teams for the past 8 years. He is lead mentor of the Barrie Techno Tigers VEX IQ team 2887 and is a certified VEX IQ Educator. Dean travels across Canada to deliver VEX IQ training sessions for both teachers and students. He specializes in programming and strategy.

Location: Zoom or GotoMeeting

When you purchase this product we will connect with you to schedule training.

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