Brand: VEX Robotics
Product Code: 228-7980
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The VEX IQ Competition Kit contains everything you need to build and refine your competition robot.  

  • Designed for one competition robot.  
  • Four organized storage bins keeps all your parts in one place.  
  • This kit uses 2nd generation (2G) VEX IQ Electronics and a new kit of parts.
  • See the graphical Competition Kit of Parts


  • One IQ Robot Brain (2G) with a color screen.  Now programmable with Python
  • One IQ Robot Battery (2G) using Lithium-ion technology and a battery charge indicator.  
  • One IQ Controller (2G) enables wireless robot driving and code download. 
  • One IQ Distance Sensor (2G) for accurate laser based distances without interference.  
  • One IQ Optical Sensor detects light, color and gestures, even in darker rooms.  
  • Six IQ Smart Motors, one Bumper and one Touch LED


  • Large assortment of Beams, Plates, Connectors, Standoffs, Pins, and Shafts
  • New sizes of Spur, Bevel, Worm, and Rack Gears
  • Variety of Sprockets, Chain, Tank Tread, and Intake Flaps
  • Expanded types of Traction, Balloon, and Omni-Directional Wheels
  • Specialty motion parts: improved Linear Motion, Ratchet & Pawl, Cams, Shock Absorbers, Ball Joints, Winch & Rope and three sizes of new thin plastic sheets

Kit Contents
Structure (2) 1x3 Beam (6) 1x4 Beam (6) 1x6 Beam (8) 1x8 Beam (6) 1x10 Beam (4) 1x12 Beam (4) 2x2 Beam (6) 2x4 Beam (6) 2x6 Beam (6) 2x8 Beam (4) 2x10 Beam (6) 2x12 Beam (4) 2x16 Beam (2) 2x20 Beam (4) 4x4 Plate (2) 4x12 Plate (4) 3x4 Tee Beam (4) 2x3 Right Angle Beam (4) 3x3 30 Degree Angle Beam (4) 3x3 45 Degree Angle Beam (4) 3x3 60 Degree Angle Beam (4) 3x5 Right Angle Beam (4) 4x4 Right Angle Offset Beam (2) Elastic Band Anchor Plate
Connectors (240) 1x1 Connector Pin (60) 1x2 Connector Pin (20) 2x2 Connector Pin (12) 0.5x Standoff (12) 1x Standoff (14) 2x Standoff (6) 4x Standoff (6) 6x Standoff (12) Mini Standoff Connector (8) End Standoff Connector (10) Large Chassis Corner Connector (18) Small Chassis Corner Connector (10) 2x Wide, 1x2 Corner Connector (12) 1x Wide, 1x1 Offset Corner Connector (4) 2x Wide, 2x1 Offset Corner Connector (4) 2x Wide, 2x1 Corner Connector (4) 2x Wide, 1x1 Offset Corner Connector (10) 2x Wide, 2x2 Corner Connector (8) 2x Wide, 1x2 Offset Corner Connector (4) 2x2 Lock Plate (4) 1x3 Center Lock Plate (4) Worm Bracket
Shafts, Gears and Wheels Shafts: (6) 1x1 Idler Pin (6) 0x2 Idler Pin (2) 4x Pitch Shaft (4) 6x Pitch Shaft (2) 8x Pitch Shaft (2) 2x Pitch Plastic Shaft (2) 3x Pitch Plastic Shaft (2) 4x Pitch Plastic Shaft (2) 5x Pitch Plastic Shaft (2) 2x Pitch Plastic Motor Shaft (4) 3x Pitch Plastic Motor Shaft (2) 4x Pitch Plastic Motor Shaft (2) 2x Pitch Plastic Capped Shaft (4) 3x Pitch Plastic Capped Shaft (2) 4x Pitch Plastic Capped Shaft (2) 5x Pitch Plastic Capped Shaft (20) Washer (25) 0.5x Pitch Spacer (4) Shaft Bushing (30) Rubber Shaft Collar Gears: (10) 12 Tooth Gear (10) 36 Tooth Gear (6) 60 Tooth Gear (2) 36 Tooth Crown Gear Wheels: (4) Small Wheel Hub (44mm) (2) 100mm Travel Rubber Tire (4) 200mm Travel Rubber Tire
Motors, Robot Control and Sensors (1) Robot Brain (1) VEX IQ Controller (2) Smart Radios (4) Smart Motor (1) Gyro Sensor (2) Bumper Switch (2) Touch LED (1) Distance Sensor (1) Color Sensor (2) Smart Cable Pack (1) USB Cable (1) Tether Cable
Power and Storage Power: (1) Robot Battery (1) VEX IQ Controller Battery (1) Robot Battery Charger (1) Battery Charger Power Cord Storage: (1) Storage Bin and Tray