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The VEX IQ Challenge Field Perimeter & Tiles are used in the classroom or for the VEX IQ Robotics Challenge.  This is the official field used at VEX IQ Challenge competitions or at Skills events at schools, districts, communities or regional.

Official IQ Challenge perimeter and tiles.
Snap-together constructions allows for assembly in minutes.

Note: Starting with the 2020 - 2021 competition season, the official VEX IQ Challenge field will increase in size from a 4' x 8 field' to a 6' x 8' field. Users wanting to purchase a full-sized competition field will need to purchase (1) 228-7396 Kit.

Users wanting to upgrade their 4 ' x 8' field to a 6' x 8' will only need to purchase (1) 228-7395 Kit

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