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The 4-axis STEAM Robo-Arm kit for Arduino is a compact kit loaded with STEAM education, from construction to mechanical engineering to coding! 

STEAM Robo-ARM Kit For Arduino

The 4-axis STEAM Robo-Arm kit for Arduino from HamiltonBuhl® is a compact kit loaded with STEAM education, from construction to mechanical engineering to coding! 

Designed to inspire interest in STEAM subjects such as electronics, automation, robotics and programming, the Robo-Arm is made of lightweight components requiring nothing but a screw driver and eagerness to assemble. 

•Double-layered, jagged-edged and pointed grippers – to firmly grip and hold objects 
•4 servos to control four joints allowing movement along 4 axes
•MCU Arduino UNO, servo expansion board and remote control board to control, move and program the Robo-Arm
•4 potentiometers

The Robo-Arm can be controlled manually or programmed to carryout and memorize 100 movements - a fantastic introduction to the world of repeated task automation.

With video instruction, STEAM Robo-Arm from HamiltonBuhl®  is the perfect entrée for students ages 13+ into the world of robotics and coding!


•Suitable for Ages 13+
•1 Set x Acrylic Plates
•14 x M1.2*4 Self-tapping Screws
•8 x M2*8 Screws
•8 x M2 Nuts
•2 x M3*8 Flat-head Screws
•10 x M3*8 Screws
•18 x M3*10 Screws
•20 x M3 Nuts
•4 x M7 Thin Nuts
•1 x 3*10*1 Washers
•5 x M3*10 Aluminum Tubes
•2 x M3*6 Corn Rivets
•3 x φ3*φ8*4 Band Edge Bearings
•4 x Servos (9g)
•4 x Potentiometer Buttons
•1 x 18650 2-Battery Holder
•1 x Mars Board
•1 x Expansion Board
•1 x Potentionmeter Module
•1 x USB Type-C Cable
•2 x RJ11 Cable
•1 x Ribbon
•4 x 3M Non-skid Pads
•2 x Heat Shrink Tubing
•2 x Cable Clips
•1 x Screw Driver
•2 x 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries (3.7V)
•1 Battery Charger (UL Approved)
•Compact, lightweight and fun to assemble
•Programmable with Arduino and Rollarm software
•Compatible with Windows PC
•1 Year Warranty