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iDESIGN is an authorized education partner for Horizon Educational products. Please call 1-877-730-4770 to speak with your dedicated representative about these products for your classroom.


About Horizon

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore in 2003 and currently operates five international subsidiaries, enabling several markets with fuel cell products and on-demand hydrogen solutions. The company has emerged as one of the world's largest volume producers of commercial fuel cell products, serving retail, industrial and OEM customers in over 65 countries.

What is a fuel cell?

A fuel cell is an electrochemical system that converts hydrogen and oxygen into water, and the process creates electrical energy. There are a variety of different types but all work in roughly the same way:

•Hydrogen atoms are separated into electrons and protons

•The electrons are redirected around a circuit to power the application

•The electrons and protons are reunited and oxygen is introduced

•Hydrogen + Oxygen = water! Unlike lithium batteries the only byproduct of the fuel cell system is simply H2O—making fuel cells one of the cleanest energy solutions on the market!


Why Fuel Cells?

• Very high efficiency (up to 80 %)

• Many different types of fuel sources and supply methods

• Highly scalable design

• No pollutants!

• Low maintenance –no moving parts

• No need to recharge –instant power when supplied with fuel


Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, the obvious choice to replace our dependency on fossil fuels. It can provide energy for all parts of the economy: industry, residences, transportation and mobile applications. It can replace oil based fuelsused for automobiles and provide heat and power to homes and communities.

On top of all this, hydrogen can be produced from entirely renewable energy sources as we try to demonstrate in our Renewable Energy Education Kit and the Horizon Energy Box.


Education Products

Comprehensive range of education kits demonstrating renewable energy technology

• A line of fuel cell cars, each demonstrating fuel cell automotive technology

• User friendly yet detailed energy measurement devices

• Advanced developer hobby kits for enthusiasts and technology colleges


Why we believe in Education Products

Maintaining a vibrant education and toy range is something Horizon is passionate about. There are

 so many reasons, but three key ones would be:

Increases awarenessjust not of Horizon products but of the amazing potential of fuel cell technology.

Challenges young scientists to explore the hydrogen science and perhaps inspires today’s students to become the industry innovators of tomorrow.

Helps Horizon’s own development processes. Making toys and games is about stripping down the technology to its basics to build simple systems that best illustrate the principles of the technology. It’s a great discipline, helping Horizon to understand the technology better and maybe even providing some surprising insights that can be integrated into more complex projects.


Junior Kits

With customers in over 65 countries, Horizon'sexperiment kits have an international reputation forquality, educational content and award-winning design.

Together with clean energy experts and specialized educators, Horizondeveloped high value educational content and teacher manuals that bring renewable energy science activities to the classroom.

All our products include a comprehensive textbook (CD-ROM) covering renewable energy science experiment manuals, teacher notes and classroom guides, animated flash demonstrations, and more. Our quality content complements the award-winning educational kits developed over the course of 8 years.


Advanced Kits

For hobbyists and technical schools Horizonhas developed a portfolio of advanced fuel cell products. These range from metal hydride cartridges and desktop hydrogen refueling to various kits for creating hybrid technology.

By partnering with schools and engineering competitions we are able to constantly refine our offering, supplying more efficient hydrogen technology and more flexible integration platforms.


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