BEST Control System Kit (270-1605)
BEST Control System Kit..
BEST Servo Kit (270-1682)
BEST Servo Kit..
BEST Returnable Kit (270-1684)
BEST Returnable Kit..
PLTW Aerospace Engineering VEX Kit (270-1789)
PLTW Aerospace Engineering VEX Kit..
Futaba Servo Horn (4-pack) (270-1813)
A 4-pack of Type D Futaba Servo Horns.•3/4" diameter•Predrilled holesNote: This product is not legal..
PLTW Gateway VEX Kit (270-1920)
PLTW Gateway VEX Kit..
PLTW POE VEX Kit (270-1921)
PLTW Digital Electronics VEX Kit (270-1922)
PLTW Digital Electronics VEX Kit..
PLTW Random Number Generator (270-2338)
PLTW Random Number Generator..
BEST Motion Components (270-4395)
BEST Motion Components..
BEST Motor Mounts (276-1594)
BEST Motor Mounts..
BEST Small Motor (276-1610)
BEST Small Motor..
BEST Large Motor (276-1611)
  BEST Large Motor Note: This product is not legal for use in the VEX Robotics Competitio..
Heliocentris Alternative Energy Kit (276-1986)
Heliocentris Alternative Energy Kit..
Heliocentris Alternative Energy Half Kit (276-1988)
Heliocentris Alternative Energy Half Kit..
GTT Competition Upgrade Kit (276-2455)
GTT Competition Upgrade Kit..
BEST Small Gearbox Replacement (276-3072)
BEST Small Gearbox Replacement..
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