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VEX IQ controller and brain not communicating.

The communication issue can cause by several things.. I want to start by making sure that all the hardware has the latest firmware installed…

Please install the VEXos firmware utility. It can be found at

Once you have it install.. do the following.

  1. Start VEXos
  2. Have the battery in the brain with no other items connected.
  3. Connect the brain to computer with the USB to mini cable
  4. Turn on the brain.
  5. VEXos should see the brain and inform you if an update is needed…
  6. If need, follow the instructions on the screen… It’s pretty easy… If the brain switches off during the update, just turn it back on…
  7. Then disconnect the brain from the computer and attach the controller to brain with network cable
  8. Plug the brain back into the computer… Check if controller needs to be updated, if so, update…

NOTE: Once we figure out the communication issue, I would suggest/recommend plugging all sensors and motor into the brain to have them updated…

Once the controller and brain is updated…

  1. unplug brain from computer…
  2. With the network cable still attached to brain and controller, turn on the brain….
  3. Wait about a minute… turn everything off
  4. Disconnect the brain from the controller
  5. Turn the brain on and then the controller on
  6. There should be connection made and indicated on the LCD display (top right corner) it would like a wifi signal….

The VEX IQ rechargeable battery pack has died. It won’t turn on and if I try to charge the battery the charger just blinks orange/red.


The flashing red light is a common issue… follow these steps

1) Connect the brain to a wheel or gear with an axle. (have nothing else connected to the brain)
2) Insert the battery into the brain
3) Then spin the wheel/gear for a couple of minutes
4) This action actual charges the batter a little.
5) Remove the battery and place in on the charger for a complete charge.

When you place the battery on the charger it should be a solid red.

VEX Robotics World Championship Marks 10-Year Anniversary with 1,400 Student Teams from Around the World & Improved Schedule

The Largest Robotics Event in the World to Take Place in Louisville, Kentucky on April 19-25, 2017!

Greenville, TX – August 25, 2017 – The Robotics Education & Competition Foundation announced today that the VEX Robotics World Championship, now entering its 10th year, will bring together the top 1,400 student-led robotics teams from around the world to Louisville, Ky. on April 19-25, 2017. The new dates mark a dramatic program change to provide teams with a superior event experience as they compete in the largest and fastest growing international robotics programs – the VEX IQ Challenge, the VEX Robotics Competition and VEX U.

As always, the VEX Robotics World Championship will feature top teams from around the world in the VEX IQ Challenge, VEX Robotics Competition and VEX U with a revised schedule as follows:

  • The VEX Robotics Competition and VEX U will open to middle school, high school and university teams on Wednesday, April 19, and culminate with finals, awards and a team party at Kentucky Kingdom on Saturday, April 22.
  • The VEX IQ Challenge will open to elementary school and middle school teams on Sunday, April 23, and culminate with finals, awards, and a team party at Kentucky Kingdom on Tuesday, April 25.

Learn more at REC Foundation

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VEX IQ Robot Build Instructions

Clawbot IQ Build Instructions Click Here to Download


Kiwi Drive Bot Build Instructions Click here to download


Link Build Instructions Click here to download


Armbot IQ Build Instructions Click here to download


V-Rex Build Instructions Click here to download


Ike Build Instructions Click here to download


Slick Build Instructions Click here to download


Speed Build Bot Click here to download


Sammy Build Instructions Click here to download


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The New 2.4 GHz Radio for the Controller and Robot Brain

2.4 GHz

We have some news and updates to share related to radios in the VEX IQ product line.

The VEX IQ Super Kit (P/N: 228-2500) and Starter Kit with Controller (P/N: 228-3060) will now come with 2.4 GHz radios (P/N: 228-3015) instead of 900 MHz Radios (P/N: 228-2621) in the US and Canada.

Individual 2.4 GHz radios are also now available for purchase in the US and Canada. The 900 MHz radio has been discontinued and is no longer available. The retail price of the 2.4 GHz radio is the same as the 900 MHz radio.

There is no functionality difference between the two radios besides the frequencies they operate on. The 2.4 GHz radios are in black plastic compared the the grey plastic of the 900 MHz radios. These radios cannot be mixed and matched – a Robot Brain and a Controller both need to have the same type of radio to communicate to each other.

Update your firmware! The 2.4 GHz Radio requires Robot Brain firmware v1.10 or newer and Controller firmware v1.02 or newer. See for more information.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title achieved at VEX Worlds

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title achieved at VEX Worlds for the largest student-led robotics competition!

Over 1,000 Student-Led Robotics Teams! 

Greenville, TX – April 23, 2016 – More than 1,100 robotics teams from 30 nations gathered at VEX Worlds to compete during three days of intense back-to-back matches for the chance to become World Champions. In doing so, these 15,000 students broke the previously held GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the largest robotics competition! VEX Worlds, presented by the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation and the Northrop Grumman Foundation, is the culminating event of the season. Ultimately, teams from Canada, China, Puerto Rico, and the United States of America triumphed, taking home the highly coveted title of the VEX IQ Challenge Elementary & Middle School World Champions, the VEX Robotics Competition Middle & High School World Champions, and the VEX U World Champion.

Continue reading…

VEX Robotics starter how-to’s

A frequent question asked is how do you pair the VEX Robotics controller with the VEXnet system. Click here for the steps.

If you need the instruction to build the VEX Robotics clawbot, it is available for download here.


Afinia Given 3D Printing Excellence Award For H800 3D Printer

TechZone 360 2015 3D Printing Excellence AwardTechZone 360, a leading website dedicated to technology news, has recognized the H800 3D Printer as a recipient of the 2015 3D Printing Excellence Award. TechZone 360 is sponsored by TMC, a global integrated media company.

TechZone360’s 3D Printing Excellence Awards identify those products, services, and applications that are driving the growth and evolution of 3D Printing.

“Congratulations to Afinia 3D, winner of a 2015 3D Printing Excellency Awards,” said Rich Tehrani, TMC (News – Alert) CEO. “They are an innovator and leader within the 3D printing industry and are deserving of this recognition. We look forward to their future successes.”

We received the TechZone360 3D Printing Excellence Award in recognition of our innovative H800 3D printer. The award was accepted by John Westrum, Vice President.

Westrum remarked, “This is the second time that our H800 3D printer has received an award this summer. We’ve shipped quite a few of them and have been getting excellent reviews from our customers. We are honored to receive the TechZone 360 award, as a predominant addition to the series of awards Afinia has won previously for its 3D printing products.”

We continue to be a leading provider of desktop 3D printers, scanners, and related software, with customers worldwide. Our H-Series 3D printers have received Make Magazine’s “Easiest to Set Up”, “Easiest to Use”, “Best Overall Experience”, and “Reliable Performer” awards, as well as the RAPID 2015 Exhibitor Innovator Award.

TMC is a global, integrated media company that supports clients’ goals by building communities in print, online, and face-to-face. TMC publishes multiple magazines and is the leading source of news and articles for the communications and technology industries. TMC also produces a variety of trade events.

Call 1-877-730-4770 to order your Afinia H800 3D Printer.

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STEM @ Work as Students Compete with Custom-Built Robots at VEX Worlds.


Over 15,000 Students From Around the World Gathered in Louisville, Kentucky!


Over the weekend, more than 850 teams from 29 nations gathered at the Kentucky Exposition Center to compete with custom-built robots during three days of intense back-to-back matches. Teams sought to be crowned champions of VEX Worlds 2015, the culminating event of the season, presented by the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation and the Northrop Grumman Foundation. Teams from China, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United States prevailed, taking home the highly coveted Championship Trophies for the VEX IQ Elementary & Middle School World Championships, the VEX Robotics Competition Middle & High School World Championships, and the VEX U World Championship.


“These students spent countless hours designing, building, programming and testing their robots over the course of the season at more than 1,000 local, state, and regional competitions,” said Jason Morrella, President of the REC Foundation. “The truth is that all of these students leave the competition as winners. The teamwork and problem-solving skills they take away from this experience will successfully prepare them for future careers in STEM fields and serve them throughout their lives.”


The global championship kicked off Thursday with a festive parade of nations, where students from all the teams made their way into Freedom Hall to proudly display their respective country’s colorful flags. Following the parade, the teams began an intense afternoon of back-to-back qualification matches and skills challenges. On Friday, the excitement was palpable as teams continued to run through qualifications, and closed the day with the 2015-2016 New Game Reveal. By Saturday, qualification rounds ended and the top performing teams went through the alliance selection process. A stunning pyrotechnic and light show experience lent a festive atmosphere as teams entered into finals and award ceremonies.


Altogether, the best 850 VEX teams out of more than 12,000 teams worldwide qualified to compete in one of five program divisions hosted by the REC Foundation this past weekend. The competitions included: VEX IQ Challenge Elementary School World Championship (ages 8-10), VEX IQ Challenge Middle School World Championship (ages 11-14), VEX Robotics Competition Middle School World Championship(ages 11-14), VEX Robotics Competition High School World Championship (ages 15-18) and VEX U(ages 18+).


The 2015 VEX Worlds Championship Alliance Winners are as follows:

  • The VEX IQ Challenge Elementary School Teamwork Challenge Winning Alliance included team 15A, Crescent Crazy Stackers, from Crescent Elementary School in Anaheim, Calif. and team 10656, Hongkou Central Primary School, from Shanghai, China.
  • The VEX IQ Challenge Middle School Teamwork Challenge Winning Alliance included team 2587X, DiscoBots – Xray, from Houston, Texas and team 7065A, Elementrix, from Yabucoa, Puerto Rico.
  • The VEX Robotics Competition Middle School World Championship Winning Alliance included team 8193A, Shanghai Yongchang Private School, from China, and teams 8066A and 8066C, Atom and Thor, from Hai Sing Catholic School in Singapore.
  • The VEX Robotics Competition High School World Championship Winning Alliance included team 2915A, Lynnfield College Robotics, from Auckland, New Zealand, team 9090C, T-VEX, from the Mandarin Chinese School, from Arlington, Texas, and team 2131C, Davis High School, from Kaysville, Utah.
  • The VEX U World Championship team was team QCC2, Blue Rooster Robotics, from Worcester, Mass.


One team from each of the five program divisions also received the Excellence Award, the highest honor at VEX Worlds, given to the team with the most well rounded VEX Robotics program. Team 15B, Crescent Crazy Stackers, from Crescent Elementary School in Anaheim, Calif. received the Excellence Award for theVEX IQ Challenge Elementary School Division. Team 8899Y, VEXexecutives, from Manatee County Robotics Club in Bradenton, Fla. received the Excellence Award for the VEX IQ Challenge Middle School Division. Team 7700B, Rolling Robots, from Rolling Hills Estates, Calif. was presented with the Excellent Award for the VEX Robotics Competition Middle School Division. Team 2918A, GCECA, from Glenfield College in Auckland, New Zealand received the Excellence Award for the VEX Robotics Competition High School Division. Team AURA, from Auckland University Robotics, in Auckland, New Zealand received the Excellence Award for VEX U Division.


Several other technical and value-based awards were presented to teams throughout the event. Below is a list of the teams and individuals that were recognized for excelling in some of the top categories. For a complete list of award winners, including winners of the online challenges, visit

VEX Worlds Results


For those looking forward to getting a jump on next year’s robot designs, the 2015-2016 season games will be VEX Bank Shot (VEX IQ Challenge) and VEX Nothing But Net (VEX Robotics Competition).

Buy new game: Nothing But Net, Bank Shot


Sponsors of the 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship included the Northrop Grumman Foundation, the U.S. Army, Chevron, EMC Corporation, NASA, Microchip, Robotmatter, Texas Instruments, HEXBUG and Innovation First International. In addition, the event is sponsored locally by Ford Motor Corporation, GE, Glowtouch, HelmsBriscoe, Mathworks, Nissan, Toyota Manufacturing of Kentucky, UPS, and the University of Louisville.

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What’s an Electroporation and How did Afinia help make it?

We used the Afinia 3D printer to construct an electroporation device that shocks algae to experiment on releasing lipids. This was a combined  effort between our Professional Technical class and our Advanced Biology. It was amazing how accurate it printed.

electropor1 electropor2









Blog provided by Mr. Fanselow at Cascade School Dist. 422. Thank you.



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