Brand: VEX Robotics
Product Code: VEX V5 System Bundle (Trade-in)
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Registered and paid VEX Robotics Competition teams for the 2018-2019 season have the opportunity to participate in the V5 trade-in program that will run from May 1 - December 31, 2018.

To participate, teams must return (1) VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller, (1) VEXnet Joystick, and (2) VEXnet Key 2.0s to qualify for the 50% discount rate of $224.99 (USD) and $292.49 (CAD) on the V5 System Bundle (PN: 276-4800), which includes the following:

(1) V5 Robot Brain
(1) V5 Wireless Controller
(1) V5 Robot Radio
(1) V5 Robot Battery
(1) V5 Battery Cable
(1) V5 Robot Battery Charger
(1) V5 Smart Cable Starter Pack
(1) USB Cable


1. Order this item from iDESIGN Solutions if your team is registered in AK, CA, ID, IL, HI, NJ, NY, MT, MT, PA, OR, UT, WA, WY, and Canada.
2. Complete this form.
3. Upon receipt and verification of the returned parts and confirmation that your team registration is complete and paid in full, your order for the new system will be processed.

V5 Systems are expected to ship August 2018