Brand: VEX Robotics
Product Code: 276-4840-D
Availability: Ships in 8 Weeks

The V5 Smart Motor is more than twice as powerful as the 2-Wire Motor 393, and puts an integrated encoder and a motor controller into one compact package. Customize speed and torque with interchangeable gear cartridges.

  • Use the built-in encoder to track a robot's rotational position and velocity
  • Ships with the standard gear cartridge of 18:1 (200 RPM)
  • Cartridges for 36:1 (100 RPM) & 6:1 (600 RPM) are coming soon
  • Compatible with both VEX EDR shaft sizes

Note: This product is only available if you qualified and purchase the V5 System Bundle UPGRADE. It has been reduced by 30% from the regular price and you can order up to 20 V5 Smart Motors per V5 System Bundle Upgrade.  To qualify, you need to register your team at, pay for your registration, and return cortex items as per the V5 System Bundle upgrade rules.