Brand: VEX Robotics
Product Code: 228-3699
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The Specialty Beam Base Pack contains uniquely shaped and angled beams. This pack is included in all VEX IQ Starter Kits and Super Kits.
•(4) 3x4 Tee Beam
•(4) 2x3 Right Angle Beam
•(4) 3x3 30 Degree Angle Beam
•(4) 3x3 45 Degree Angle Beam
•(4) 3x3 60 Degree Angle Beam
•(4) 3x5 Right Angle Beam
•(4) 4x4 Right Angle Offset Beam
•(2) Elastic Band Anchor Plate

Note: The base color for the Specialty Beam Base Pack (228-3512) is dark gray.