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VEX EDR V5 Firmware 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 Update

VEX releases new firmware update in December 1.0.4 and 1.0.5. See this article for details.

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VEX Coding Studio Update

Get the latest version of VEX Coding Studio to update your system

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V5 Shipping Update and Hold

November 13, 2018, announcement by VEX on the indefinite hold on new orders for V5 kits.

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VEX Coding Studio firmware update

VEX is releasing an update to VEX Coding Studio (VCS), which will contain fixes for the current V5 battery issues.

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V5 Shipping Update

VEX Robotics will start shipping V5 system bundle orders (upgrades) to competition teams very soon.  

The following are updated shipping ETA's for kits and bundles:

-V5 Classroom Starter Kits & 6-Pack Bundles

Expected to Ship in September*

-V5 Classroom Super Kit & 6-Pack Bundles

Expected to Ship in October*

-V5 Competition Starter Kit

Expected to Ship in September*

-V5 Competition Super Kit

Expected to Ship in October*

* There is no guarantee to the actual ship date.

Individual accessory orders (batteries, controllers, Vision Sensors, etc) will start shipping over the next few months alongside these major waves, as they come in stock.  

System Bundle orders that were placed with motors will receive up to (4) motors with their order. Pre-orders are shipping based on first-in-first-out.  We expect to ship most System Bundle orders that were placed through late July after labor day in the US. Canada can expect a week delay.  

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