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The VEX IQ Super Kit takes educational robotics to the next level. Students can use the familiar handheld Controller with the pre-programmed code to drive robots right out of the box, or program them to run autonomously using the additional Smart Sensors. While the included Clawbot IQ instructions help students easily build their first robot, the wide variety of additional included parts means that a team of students can build a robot that is bigger, stronger, and more functional.

  • Over 800 Structural & Motion Components
  • 4 Smart Motors, 7 Sensors, Robot Brain, Controller & Batteries Included
  • Storage Bin & Tray included for organized storage of all parts

Robot programming software options are available with VEX kits and bundles at no extra charge! Check our news section for additional information.

A VEX IQ class is designed to expose students to STEM fundamentals within the context of building a robot. Without even realizing it, students will begin to instinctively apply these lessons to their as they advance through the program. This hands-on process, especially for younger students, establishes an intuitive and deep-rooted expertise that simply cannot be replicated by traditional teaching methods.

Whether outfitting an entire school or just getting started, VEX IQ kit options make it easy to choose what's right for you.

  • Follow step-by-step instructions to build your first robot, then expand upon it to build whatever you can imagine
  • No experience needed to start building!
  • A system designed for educators

Our teacher-developed programs help you easily integrate STEM into your classroom. Try starting with our FREE STEM Labs today!

  • All curriculum options are mapped to national education standards
  • Hands-on, project based lessons teach the engineering process in a uniquely engaging way
  • Flexible lesson plans can be adapted to meet the level of students' abilities

Experience the thrill of competition

  • Put classroom concepts to the test in a global engineering challenge and watch as students take learning into their own hands.
  • Hundreds of competition events held annually around the world
  • Experiencing STEM in a competitive context increases student engagement and makes lessons feel more "real"
  • Beyond robotics, students learn lifelong skills in teamwork, leadership, communications, and more

Kit Contents
Structure (2) 1x3 Beam (6) 1x4 Beam (6) 1x6 Beam (8) 1x8 Beam (6) 1x10 Beam (4) 1x12 Beam (4) 2x2 Beam (6) 2x4 Beam (6) 2x6 Beam (6) 2x8 Beam (4) 2x10 Beam (6) 2x12 Beam (4) 2x16 Beam (2) 2x20 Beam (4) 4x4 Plate (2) 4x12 Plate (4) 3x4 Tee Beam (4) 2x3 Right Angle Beam (4) 3x3 30 Degree Angle Beam (4) 3x3 45 Degree Angle Beam (4) 3x3 60 Degree Angle Beam (4) 3x5 Right Angle Beam (4) 4x4 Right Angle Offset Beam (2) Elastic Band Anchor Plate
Connectors (240) 1x1 Connector Pin (60) 1x2 Connector Pin (20) 2x2 Connector Pin (12) 0.5x Standoff (12) 1x Standoff (14) 2x Standoff (6) 4x Standoff (6) 6x Standoff (12) Mini Standoff Connector (8) End Standoff Connector (10) Large Chassis Corner Connector (18) Small Chassis Corner Connector (10) 2x Wide, 1x2 Corner Connector (12) 1x Wide, 1x1 Offset Corner Connector (4) 2x Wide, 2x1 Offset Corner Connector (4) 2x Wide, 2x1 Corner Connector (4) 2x Wide, 1x1 Offset Corner Connector (10) 2x Wide, 2x2 Corner Connector (8) 2x Wide, 1x2 Offset Corner Connector (4) 2x2 Lock Plate (4) 1x3 Center Lock Plate (4) Worm Bracket
Shafts, Gears and Wheels Shafts: (6) 1x1 Idler Pin (6) 0x2 Idler Pin (2) 4x Pitch Shaft (4) 6x Pitch Shaft (2) 8x Pitch Shaft (2) 2x Pitch Plastic Shaft (2) 3x Pitch Plastic Shaft (2) 4x Pitch Plastic Shaft (2) 5x Pitch Plastic Shaft (2) 2x Pitch Plastic Motor Shaft (4) 3x Pitch Plastic Motor Shaft (2) 4x Pitch Plastic Motor Shaft (2) 2x Pitch Plastic Capped Shaft (4) 3x Pitch Plastic Capped Shaft (2) 4x Pitch Plastic Capped Shaft (2) 5x Pitch Plastic Capped Shaft (20) Washer (25) 0.5x Pitch Spacer (4) Shaft Bushing (30) Rubber Shaft Collar Gears: (10) 12 Tooth Gear (10) 36 Tooth Gear (6) 60 Tooth Gear (2) 36 Tooth Crown Gear Wheels: (4) Small Wheel Hub (44mm) (2) 100mm Travel Rubber Tire (4) 200mm Travel Rubber Tire
Motors, Robot Control and Sensors (1) Robot Brain (1) VEX IQ Controller (2) Smart Radios (4) Smart Motor (1) Gyro Sensor (2) Bumper Switch (2) Touch LED (1) Distance Sensor (1) Color Sensor (2) Smart Cable Pack (1) USB Cable (1) Tether Cable
Power and Storage Power: (1) Robot Battery (1) VEX IQ Controller Battery (1) Robot Battery Charger (1) Battery Charger Power Cord Storage: (1) Storage Bin and Tray