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The VEX IQ Robotics Education Guide provides a solution for teachers searching for a standards matched STEM program as an all-in-one textbook. When paired with the VEX IQ platform it brings accessible, affordable, and powerful STEM lessons to life.

The Teacher's Supplement provides a roadmap for educators and all of the necessary supporting materials, including a step-by-step means to confidently introduce STEM to students regardless of experience level.

  • Mapped to National Standards (STL, NGSS & Common Core)
  • 12 Flexible Units of STEM Instruction
  • Designed for Elementary & Middle School Levels

The VEX IQ Robotics Education Guide Teacher Supplement provides all of the teacher materials that go along with the 12 units of instruction found in the VEX IQ Robotics Education Guide. For each unit there is an education standards map, lesson plans complete with materials lists and time constraints, answer keys, and a notes page for the educator’s use. This supplement was created to be a tool for enabling elementary and middle school teachers to meet varied and diverse STEM classroom learning goals.

Click here to download the full VEX IQ Curriculum Syllabus.