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"Perfect for Makerspaces, classrooms, libraries, museums, and educators who recognize that kids love Cubelets and can't get enough of them. Born out of the Modular Robotics' team experience of watching thousands of kids play with Cubelets over the years. This set is intended to give individual learners and teams the chance to deeply explore the high potential of Cubelets. Supports six to twelve groups of learners. Includes 162 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets: 12 Battery, 12 Passive, 12 Inverse, 12 Blocker, 6 Bluetooth, 6 Minimum, 6 Maximum, 6 Threshold, 12 Distance, 12 Brightness, 12 Knob, 6 Temperature, 12 Drive, 12 Flashlight, 12 Rotate, 6 Speaker, 6 Bar Graph ? Plus: 48 Brick Adapters (12 sets of 4), 2 5-Port Charger, 10 Charging Cables, 6 Storage Totes."