Brand: VEX Robotics
Product Code: 276-2011
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The square shaft has rounded corners which allow it to spin easily in a round hole, while locking to a square hole.

Works with motors, wheels, gears and bearings


Technical Specifications

Kit Contents Drive Shaft, Square Bar 2" & 3" (8-pack)
  • (4)Shaft, Square Bar 2"
  • (4)Shaft, Square Bar 3"
Downloads & Docs CAD Models of all motion components can be found on the VEX Wiki.
Compatibility All Motion Products including Motors, Servos, Wheels, Gears, Sprockets, Tank Tread Kits,
Collars, Spacers, and Lock Plates.
Material Type Steel, Zinc Plates
Size 0.125" (3.175mm) Square Bar
  • Drive Shaft 2"0.011 lbs (4.99 grams)
  • Drive Shaft 3"0.013 lbs (5.80 grams)
Actual weight of one item (no packaging)